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Wallet-snatch hack: ApplePay 'vulnerable to attack', claim researchers

The Register - Anti-Virus - 1 hodina 45 min zpět
Are you using payment system over public Wi‑Fi?

Black Hat USA  Security researchers say they have come up with two separate "attacks" against ApplePay, highlighting what they claim are weaknesses in the mobile payment method.…

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Are you a Sysadmin? Find out now for free!

Sophos Naked Security - 2 hodiny 27 min zpět
Even on #SysAdminDay, it's hard to get agreement on who is a sysadmin. NO PROBLEM: our 5-question quiz will find out the truth at once.

Police crack seized phones of inauguration day protesters

Sophos Naked Security - 2 hodiny 1 min zpět
The unencrypted devices have offered up a bonanza of data to police - what would your phone reveal about you?

Flaws in web-connected, radiation-monitoring kit? What could go wrong?

The Register - Anti-Virus - 2 hodiny 1 min zpět
Ripe target for ne'er-do-wells...

Black Hat  Vulnerabilities in widely deployed Radiation Monitoring Devices (RDMs) present a potential mechanism for triggering false alarms and worse, according to research unveiled at Black Hat on Wednesday.…

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Facebook joins heavy hitters to fund group standing up to post-truth

Sophos Naked Security - 4 hodiny 22 min zpět
Facebook is joining executives from Google as well as former head of the NSA and Hillary Clinton, among others, to support the body that looks like a version 2.0 upgrade to fact-checking

Shorting-For-Profit Viable Business Model For Security Community - 5 hodin 1 min zpět
MedSec CEO Justine Bone said shorting companies to profit off discovered vulnerabilities is a viable business model for the security community.
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Today’s the day – celebrate your sysadmin superheroes!

Sophos Naked Security - 5 hodin 40 min zpět
We've barely put away the bunting from last year's Sysadmin Day and it's come round again - join us in celebrating our superheroes!

Going on holiday? Here are our tips for a security-minded trip

Sophos Naked Security - 5 hodin 57 min zpět
From taking care with hotel WiFi to keeping your cellphone safe, we've got some advice as you head off on holiday

Should you stay awake at night worrying about hackers on the grid?

The Register - Anti-Virus - 7 hodin 18 min zpět
Watt's all this about cyberspy threat leaks... Analysts weigh in

Analysis  The energy sector across multiple Western countries is under intensified assault by hackers. Security experts warn that industrial systems are wide open to potential exploit once hackers secure a foothold, the most difficult part of the hacking process, using targeted phishing or similar tactics.…

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VB2017 Small Talks and reserve papers announced

Virus Bulletin News - 7 hodin 23 min zpět
Today we announce the first two Small Talks for the VB2017 programme: ENISA will provide its perspective on the WannaCry outbreak and the lessons learned from it, while David Harley will talk about the past and present of security product testing.

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How to hack a Sysadmin – jump the IT support queue every time!

Sophos Naked Security - 7 hodin 54 min zpět
Celebrate #SysAdminDay by learning how to win friends and influence syadmins - and how to jump those pesky IT queues.

Ransomware scum straighten ties, invest in good customer service

The Register - Anti-Virus - 10 hodin 20 min zpět
Word of mouth matters when you're taking users' cash

Ransomware scum are investing in customer service processes to get more people paying, according to McAfee's lead scientist and principal engineer Christiaan Beek.…

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Inside the ongoing fight to stamp out govt-grade Android spyware

The Register - Anti-Virus - 10 hodin 50 min zpět
Chrysaor, Lipizzan are state surveillance tools, not Pokemon, surprisingly

Black Hat  A study into government-grade Android spyware led researchers to a new strain of surveillance malware lurking in the Google Play app store – a strain that has now been unceremoniously booted out of the software marketplace.…

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Enumeration bug offers five-finger discount on shopping loyalty points

The Register - Anti-Virus - 15 hodin 46 min zpět
Woolworths Australia is off its trolley - points redemption apps accept random card numbers

The Register has been alerted that Australian retailer Woolworths' customer loyalty points can be filched thanks to a user enumeration bug.…

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Attack Uses Docker Containers To Hide, Persist, Plant Malware - 17 hodin 1 min zpět
Abuse of the Docker API allows remote code execution on targeted system, which enables hackers to escalate and persists thanks to novel attacks called Host Rebinding Attack and Shadow Containers.
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Hackers can turn web-connected car washes into horrible death traps

The Register - Anti-Virus - 27 Červenec, 2017 - 22:24
Yeah, boss, I took care of him. I had him waxed. Literally

Black Hat  Forget hijacking smart light bulbs. Researchers claim they can hack into internet-connected car wash machines from the other side of the world and potentially turn them into death traps.…

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ShadowBrokers Remain an Enigma - 27 Červenec, 2017 - 21:31
As we approach the first anniversary of the ShadowBrokers, their true identity and source of their stolen NSA exploits remains a mystery.
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The opsec blunders that landed a Russian politician's fraudster son in the clink for 27 years

The Register - Anti-Virus - 27 Červenec, 2017 - 20:34
Pro tip from the US DoJ: Don’t reuse passwords

Black Hat  Uncle Sam's lawyers have revealed the catalog of operational security mistakes that led to the cuffing of one of the world’s most prolific credit-card crooks.…

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News in brief: US indicts Russian BTC-e ‘mastermind’; Blu still phoning home; bug bounty offers $250k

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Červenec, 2017 - 19:55
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Google Study Quantifies Ransomware Profits - 27 Červenec, 2017 - 18:00
A ransomware study released Google revealed the malware earned criminals $25 million over the past two years.
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