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New Clues Surface on Shamoon 2’s Destructive Behavior - 27 Březen, 2017 - 22:51
Researchers report new connections between Magic Hound and Shamoon 2, along with descriptions of how the Disttrack malware component of campaigns moves laterally within infected networks.
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APT29 Used Domain Fronting, Tor to Execute Backdoor - 27 Březen, 2017 - 22:14
APT29, a/k/a Cozy Bear, has used Tor and a technique called domain fronting in order to secure backdoor access to targets for nearly two years running.
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LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw – once again spotted by Google's bugfinders

The Register - Anti-Virus - 27 Březen, 2017 - 21:42
Ormandy sets snowflakes off over disclosure

For most of us, Saturday morning is a time for a lie in, a leisurely brunch, or maybe taking the kids to the park. But for some it's bug-hunting time.…

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News in brief: Facebook rolls out location-sharing; Uber pulls tests after crash; NASA thanks schoolboy

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Březen, 2017 - 19:57
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Politicians call – again – for backdoors into encrypted messages

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Březen, 2017 - 19:23
The internet depends on encryption - and Amber Rudd is unwittingly calling for a hole to be kicked in security itself

Ex-military and security firms oppose Home Sec in WhatsApp crypto row

The Register - Anti-Virus - 27 Březen, 2017 - 18:30
'We are in real trouble if we apply blunt weapons to this'

UK government ministers calling for increased surveillance abilities in the wake of last Wednesday's terrorist attack have encountered opposition from a somewhat unexpected quarter.…

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Fileless UAC Bypass Uses Windows Backup and Restore Utility - 27 Březen, 2017 - 18:13
Researcher Matt Nelson disclosed another Windows UAC bypass, this one abusing the sdclt.exe backup and restore utility to execute a payload without triggering an alert.
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US to make social media checks compulsory for some visas

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Březen, 2017 - 17:56
Officials warn of a 'labor-intensive' extension will create logistical and administrative hurdles

LastPass steps up quickly to fix vulnerabilities spotted by researchers

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Březen, 2017 - 17:00
LastPass's response to being alerted to security flaws in its products is an example of the right attitude to fixing problems

Man indicted for sending seizure-causing GIF as a ‘deadly weapon’

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Březen, 2017 - 14:19
Journalist suffered eight-minute epileptic seizure after viewing a strobing GIF

iPhone-havers think they're safe. But they're not

The Register - Anti-Virus - 27 Březen, 2017 - 14:18
Growing mobile threats affect iOS

Mobile malware is at the highest level yet recorded, infecting 1.35 per cent of all mobile devices in October, according to a study by Nokia out today. The high water mark in October compares to figures of 1.06 per cent in April 2016.…

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DoubleAgent ‘vulnerability’ – just how bad is it?

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Březen, 2017 - 13:55
The saga of DoubleAgent is, among other things, a good reminder that ordinary users shouldn't have admin privileges

Monday review – the hot 29 stories of the week

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Březen, 2017 - 12:57
From Emma Watson in Celebgate 2.0 and how your Mac is not malware proof to the even deadlier USB Killer version 3, and much more!

USA can afford golf for Trump. Can't afford .com for FBI infosec service

The Register - Anti-Virus - 27 Březen, 2017 - 10:55
So guess what spoofers are doing with the fake site? Yup – getting dupes to log in is supposed to be one of the United States' defences against online criminals. But the FBI-led service is currently the subject of a typosquatting and email attack that could see organisations seeking protection instead send their personal data straight to parties unknown.…

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Dishwasher has directory traversal bug

The Register - Anti-Virus - 27 Březen, 2017 - 01:08
Thanks a Miele-on for making everything dangerous, Internet of Things firmware slackers

Don't say you weren't warned: Miele went full Internet-of-Things with a network-connected dishwasher, gave it a web server, and now finds itself on the wrong end of a security bug report – and it's accused of ignoring the warning.…

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