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Holiday Fun #1: Try an unusual operating system…

Sophos Naked Security - 28 Prosinec, 2017 - 00:58
We look at three alternative operating systems. Because it's Christmas, and because we can. You can too.

Leaky RootsWeb Server Exposes Some User Data - 28 Prosinec, 2017 - 00:36 closes parts of its community-driven genealogy site RootsWeb as it investigates a leaky server that exposed thousands of passwords, email addresses and usernames to the public internet.
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We all need IT! (Happy holidays from Sophos)

Sophos Naked Security - 27 Prosinec, 2017 - 15:25
We wrote a song for the heroes who work in IT, and invited the world's 25 most famous singers to perform it. Here's what happened...

Weird and wacky security stories from 2017 – each in a single tweet!

Sophos Naked Security - 26 Prosinec, 2017 - 23:24
We had fun squashing our favourite 2017 stories into tweet-sized versions. We'd love you to join in - try your hand at lossy compression!

Mozilla Patches Critical Bug in Thunderbird - 26 Prosinec, 2017 - 20:09
Mozilla has patched one critical vulnerability in its Thunderbird email client along with two bugs rated high.
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Huawei Router Vulnerability Used to Spread Mirai Variant - 23 Prosinec, 2017 - 00:09
Researchers have identified a vulnerability in a Huawei home router model that is being exploited by an adversary to spread a variant of the Mirai malware called Mirai Okiru, also known as Satori.
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It’s Christmas, you have 9900 seconds of free time, how do you spend it?

Sophos Naked Security - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 18:46
9900 seconds of free time at Christmas. What you gonna do?

Toys: they’re getting smarter, but are they secure?

Sophos Naked Security - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 18:20
“Smart” toys are getting bigger, pricier and more complex, but are they secure?

Nissan Canada Finance Notifies 1.1 Million of Data Breach - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 17:30
Nissan Canada Finance notified 1.13 million customers on Thursday of a data breach impacting an unspecified number of past and present customers.
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Apple admits to slowing iPhones, you’re not imagining it

Sophos Naked Security - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 16:18
Apple has quietly been suppressing the CPU speed of older iPhones to stop their batteries randomly shutting off

UK Foreign Sec Bojo to tell Kremlin: Stop your cyber shenanigans... or else!

The Register - Anti-Virus - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 15:08
Bet they're shaking in their boots

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson will warn Russia that the UK will retaliate against cyber attacks in a rare visit to Moscow today.…

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Washington DC’s surveillance cameras hacked… to send spam

Sophos Naked Security - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 14:11
Everything and everybody is hackable - and that includes Big Brother

Merry Christmas, UK prosecutors: Here's a special gift... a slap from the privacy watchdog

The Register - Anti-Virus - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 14:06
Mass paperwork backlog sets off ICO

Final update  The UK Ministry of Justice has been slammed for poor handling of requests for personal records made under data protection laws – and told to fix the 700-plus backlog by October.…

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Data on 123 million US households exposed

Sophos Naked Security - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 13:35
If you’re a US householder, a humongous trove of your personal data was available on an easily-accessible file

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? – the (not a) security review

Sophos Naked Security - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 12:56
Maria takes a break from reviewing Mr Robot and turns her attention to the ultimate Christmas movie

Conference review: AVAR 2017

Virus Bulletin News - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 12:49
Martijn Grooten reports on the 20th AVAR conference, which took place earlier in December in Beijing, China.

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Conference review: Botconf 2017

Virus Bulletin News - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 07:55
Virus Bulletin researchers report back from a very interesting fifth edition of Botconf, the botnet fighting conference.

Read more
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Braking news: Nissan Canada hacked, up to 1.1m Canucks exposed

The Register - Anti-Virus - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 03:59
Only beeping took 10 beeping days to admit it was been beep-beeping beep pwned

Nissan Canada's vehicle-financing wing has been hacked, putting personal information on as many as 1.13 million customers in the hands of miscreants.…

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US capital's surveillance cam network allegedly hijacked by Romanian ransomware suspects

The Register - Anti-Virus - 22 Prosinec, 2017 - 01:24
Charges filed against pair coincide with arrests abroad

Two of the five unnamed individuals cuffed this month in Romania on suspicion of spreading ransomware face US computer crime charges – for their alleged role in taking over 123 out of 187 networked computers that control Washington DC's CCTV cameras earlier this year.…

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Historie počítačové havěti – video

VIRY.CZ - 13 Listopad, 2017 - 19:50

Na webu lze najít nový video rozhovor se mnou o historii počítačové havěti. Snažil jsem se vytáhnout to nejzajímavější co minulost přinesla a co nás trápí dnes. Samotný rozhovor začíná přibližně od času 8:50.

Klukům z kafemlejnku děkuji za organizaci a možnost vystoupení!

Díl 25. – Historie malware

The post Historie počítačové havěti – video appeared first on VIRY.CZ.

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