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Aktualizace: 27 min 9 sek zpět

Massive Malspam Campaign Finds a New Vector for FlawedAmmyy RAT

1 hodina 5 sek zpět
Hundreds of thousands of emails are delivering weaponized PDFs containing malicious SettingContent-ms files.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

D-Link, Dasan Routers Under Attack In Yet Another Assault

1 hodina 33 min zpět
Dasan and D-Link routers running GPON firmware are being targeted by hackers in an attempt to create a botnet.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Newsmaker Interview: Troy Mursch on Why Cryptojacking Isn’t Going Away

3 hodiny 11 min zpět
Criminals have found a mischievous way to mine cryptocurrency. Security researcher Troy Mursch sounds off on why this tricky trend isn't going away anytime soon.
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ThreatList: A Ranking of Airports By Riskiest WiFi Networks

5 hodin 27 min zpět
Airport TSA agents don’t check terminals for insecure WiFi networks, so stay on your toes when using hotspots at these airports.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Chinese Hackers Mount Espionage Campaign During Trump-Putin Summit

5 hodin 1 min zpět
An uncharacteristic spate of strikes against IoT devices in Finland during the summit was likely an indicator of a coordinated cyberespionage effort, researchers said.
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ThreatList: Sizing Up The Scourge of Credential-Stuffing

19 Červenec, 2018 - 22:53
Over two billion credentials were stolen in 2017 and contributed to the complex problem of credential spills, credential stuffing and account takeover fraud.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Stealthy Malware Hidden in Images Takes to GoogleUserContent

19 Červenec, 2018 - 21:29
Hackers are embedding malicious code within compromised, uploaded images on trusted Google sites – weaponizing the website and staying under the radar.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

IoT Robot Vacuum Vulnerabilities Let Hackers Spy on Victims

19 Červenec, 2018 - 20:55
Two vulnerabilities were discovered on Dongguan Diqee-branded vacuum cleaners, Thursday.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

GangWang GPS Navigation Attack Leads Unsuspecting Drivers Astray

19 Červenec, 2018 - 19:47
In a stalking or random criminal scenario, the ability to guide someone to an out-of-the-way, isolated location could be a precursor to kidnapping or worse.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

How Cyber Insurance Changes the Conversation Around Risk

19 Červenec, 2018 - 18:37
In this InfoSec Insider cyber insurance expert Nick Sanna discusses how to balance threat exposures and protecting assets with insurance against hacking, breaches and vulnerabilities.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Critical Authentication Flaws in Cisco Policy Suite Patched

19 Červenec, 2018 - 15:22
Cisco also pushed out seven high-severity fixes for its SD-WAN solution for business users, and a patch for a DoS flaw in the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Fabric Switches.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Privacy Advocates Say Kelsey Smith Act Gives Police Too Much Power

19 Červenec, 2018 - 13:00
This bill making its way through Congress would allow law enforcement to more easily uncover location data for cell phones from mobile carriers in an emergency.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

ThreatList: Popular Apps Get Enterprise Blacklisted

18 Červenec, 2018 - 21:45
Apps most often blacklisted by enterprises provide messenger, VoIP and navigation services.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Thousands of U.S. Voter Personal Records Leaked by Robocall Firm

18 Červenec, 2018 - 21:03
The information was exposed on a public Amazon S3 bucket by a Virginia-based political campaign and robocalling company.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

LabCorp Investigates a Potential Breach that Could Affect Millions

18 Červenec, 2018 - 19:53
The nation's largest blood test processor detected “suspicious activity” on its network this past weekend.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Oracle Sets All-Time Record with July Critical Patch Update

18 Červenec, 2018 - 17:04
July's critical patch update addresses 334 security vulnerabilities (including 61 rated critical) covering a vast swathe of the Oracle enterprise portfolio.
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Microsoft Bounty Program Offers Payouts for Identity Service Bugs

18 Červenec, 2018 - 16:55
A high-quality multi-factor authentication bypass submission can win a bounty hunter up to $100,000.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Smaller Nation State Attacks: A Growing Cyber Menace

18 Červenec, 2018 - 16:25
While there certainly remains a global hierarchy when it comes to cyber capabilities, smaller state and non-state actors are increasingly exploiting the asymmetric nature of cyberspace to achieve a broad range of objectives.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

800K Patient Records At Issue in ProCare Health Snafu

17 Červenec, 2018 - 23:32
IT companies allege that one of New Zealand’s largest networks of doctors and nurses has been storing hundreds of thousands of sensitive patient records, without express consent.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Peer-to-Peer Crypto-Exchanges: A Haven for Money Laundering

17 Červenec, 2018 - 23:04
Buyers and sellers can exchange cash in person, transfer bank funds online or can exchange funds for prepaid cards, gift cards or other cryptocurrencies.
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