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Wicked Botnet Uses Passel of Exploits to Target IoT

3 hodiny 52 min zpět
The code is integrated with at least three exploits that target unpatched IoT devices, including closed-circuit cameras and Netgear routers.
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Hurdles Remain After Senate Votes To Restore Net Neutrality

18 Květen, 2018 - 22:23
The U.S. Senate gave the nod to restoring the 2015 Open Internet Order, putting net neutrality on the fast track to a House vote.
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Latin American ‘Biñeros’ Bond Over Fraudulent Purchase Scheme

18 Květen, 2018 - 22:02
A type of card-not-present fraud is spreading throughout the Latin American underground, uniting groups of malefactors in a communal effort to perpetrate it as widely as possible.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Threatpost News Wrap Podcast for May 18

18 Květen, 2018 - 20:23
Threatpost editors Tom Spring, Tara Seals and Lindsey O'Donnell discuss the week’s information security news.
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TeleGrab Malware Steals Telegram Desktop Messaging Sessions, Steam Credentials

18 Květen, 2018 - 16:20
A recently discovered malware steals cache data and messaging sessions from the desktop version of encrypted messaging service Telegram.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Misconfigured Reverse Proxy Servers Spill Credentials

18 Květen, 2018 - 14:45
Researchers created a proof-of-concept attack that allows remote attackers to access protected APIs to extract credentials.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

RedDawn Espionage Campaign Shows Mobile APTs on the Rise

18 Květen, 2018 - 14:42
The Sun Team APT, likely linked to North Korea, uses Google Play and Facebook as attack vectors.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Fake Fortnite Apps for Android Spread Spyware, Cryptominers

17 Květen, 2018 - 21:48
An array of malicious Android apps purporting to be popular game Fortnite are instead harvesting call logs and downloading cryptomining malware.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

‘Voice-Squatting’ Turns Alexa, Google Home into Silent Spies

17 Květen, 2018 - 21:43
A team of academic researchers has demonstrated that it's possible to possible to closely mimic legitimate voice commands in order to carry out nefarious actions on these home assistants.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Cisco Warns of Three Critical Bugs in Digital Network Architecture Platform

17 Květen, 2018 - 18:16
The company urges customers to patch three vulnerabilities that received the highest severity rating of 10.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

One Year After WannaCry: A Fundamentally Changed Threat Landscape

17 Květen, 2018 - 17:25
Threatpost talked to several security researchers about what's changed in the past year.
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Podcast: The Evolution of Deception Technology

17 Květen, 2018 - 17:00
Deception technology is an emerging category of cyber defense that is particularly useful when it comes to IoT devices, SCADA systems and medical devices.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Critical Linux Flaw Opens the Door to Full Root Access

16 Květen, 2018 - 23:05
The vulnerability allows an attacker to execute a malware or other payloads on a client machine by sending malicious messages from the DHCP server.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

New Cryptominer Distributes XMRig in Aggressive Attacks

16 Květen, 2018 - 21:56
Cryptominer WinstarNssmMiner is an aggressive malware strain that has launched 500,000 attacks in the past three days earning criminals $28,000.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

RIG EK Still Makes Waves, This Time with a Stealthy Backdoor

16 Květen, 2018 - 13:19
The main purpose of Grobios malware is to help attacker establish a strong, persistent foothold in a victim's system, in order to drop additional payloads later.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Phishing Spy Campaign Targets Top Mideast Officials

15 Květen, 2018 - 23:38
Researchers have discovered a set of custom surveillanceware tools being deployed against Android and iOS devices primarily in the Middle East.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Mexico’s Banking System Sees $18M Siphoned Off in Phantom Transactions

15 Květen, 2018 - 23:27
Sources said the funds were diverted to fraudulent accounts in a coordinated heist that involved hundreds of wire transfers and on-the-ground accomplices.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Attackers Use UPnP to Sidestep DDoS Defenses

15 Květen, 2018 - 18:19
Universal Plug and Play networking protocols can be exploited to bypass DDoS mitigations.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi

Adobe Doles Out Second Round of Higher Priority Patches

15 Květen, 2018 - 17:26
Adobe has issued a round of higher priority patches less than a week after its Patch Tuesday updates last week.
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EFAIL Opens Up Encrypted Email to Prying Eyes

14 Květen, 2018 - 22:09
The flaws threaten to expose corporate communications in Outlook as well as the messages of at-risk users like political dissidents.
Kategorie: Viry a Červi