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News in brief: drone chiefs urge regulation; Microsoft drops SMB1; Virgin router warning

23 Červen, 2017 - 18:18
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Russia ‘targeted 21 states’ during US election campaign, says official

23 Červen, 2017 - 15:52
Homeland Security official declines to reveal more to Senate hearing as details emerge of hacking attempts in Illinois and Arizona

Ransomware revisited – is it really the worst sort of malware? [Security SOS Week]

23 Červen, 2017 - 13:13
Join us for the last webinar in our Security SOS Week - we take a look at ransomware... and all the other malware nasties that roam the net.

Dating app boss sees ‘no problem’ on face-matching without consent

23 Červen, 2017 - 13:12
'When you have a bunch of single guys in the office, it goes in that direction', says Dating.AI founder as he dismisses concerns about scraping other dating apps for faces for users to match

News in brief: AI comes to Mars; WannaCry hits speed cameras; Edge bounty program extended

22 Červen, 2017 - 19:46
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

What does looking under the hood of your browser reveal about you?

22 Červen, 2017 - 18:30
Looking closely at the tracking that's done while you browse can be very unnerving - but does that mean you should give up using the web?

Phishing campaign spoofs online auto brand, exposes stolen passwords

22 Červen, 2017 - 17:58
It's bad enough to be caught by an SMS phishing scam - but when the bad guys expose your stolen account details to the world, that really rubs salt into the wound

Coming soon (maybe) to toyshops – AI doll that can read kids’ emotions

22 Červen, 2017 - 13:45
Researchers have built a doll with an AI chip and a camera that can interpret a child's emotions. What could possibly go wrong?

Botnets – malware that makes you part of the problem [Security SOS Week]

22 Červen, 2017 - 13:19
Still time to register for today's live Security SOS podcast featuring the not-to-be-missed Fraser Howard, one of the world's top malware researchers.

Deep Root: what can we learn from the GOP’s data leak?

22 Červen, 2017 - 12:44
Nearly 200m voters' personal details were exposed when a contractor failed to secure the GOP's data in the cloud - and there are lessons for us all in this

News in brief: WannaCry knocks out Honda plant; Skype hit by global outage; NSA shares tools on GitHub

21 Červen, 2017 - 19:50
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Commercial spyware unleashed against Mexican political activists

21 Červen, 2017 - 19:12
The software company says it vets governments' human rights records before selling its software that's allegedly being used to spy on lawyers, journalists and activists

GDPR: how to avoid the data protection cowboys

21 Červen, 2017 - 18:05
As we keep reminding you, GDPR is now less than a year away. Here are our tips to help you pick the right person to help you get ready for it

New malware uses old trick – and is a reminder to disable UPnP

21 Červen, 2017 - 16:04
Hijacking UPnP is rare, but it's a straightforward trick that will be copied soon enough

Supreme Court: sex offenders can’t be banned from social media

21 Červen, 2017 - 14:32
Banning sex offenders from social media violates fundamental First Amendment rights, rules judge

When does security turn into snooping? [Security SOS Week]

21 Červen, 2017 - 13:48
Sign up for today's live Security SOS podcast, or catch up on earlier episodes you missed.

NSA failed to implement security measures, says damning report

21 Červen, 2017 - 13:09
The NSA's post-Snowden 'Secure the Net' initiative has done nothing of the sort, says the Department of Defense's highly critical review

News in brief: Canada warns on election threats; ‘Record’ $1m ransom paid; Hawking urges return to moon

20 Červen, 2017 - 19:49
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Stack Clash Linux vulnerability: you need to patch now

20 Červen, 2017 - 18:32
If you're running Linux-based IoT devices, remember that attackers are particularly focusing on these - so make sure you patch all your penguin-based devices

How social media companies are using AI to fight terrorist content

20 Červen, 2017 - 17:28
Facebook, Google and other providers are stepping up with techniques ranging from AI detection to human intervention in response to calls from politicians after a rash of terror attacks