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World’s largest DDoS attack thwarted in minutes

5 Březen, 2018 - 14:16
What has been tagged the largest DDoS attack ever disclosed slammed into the servers of software development site GitHub at 17:21 UTC last Wednesday.

Bill Gates: Cryptocurrencies killing people in “fairly direct way”

5 Březen, 2018 - 14:12
It's also "super risky" over the long term, he said in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

5 Březen, 2018 - 11:30
From the bug that lets you logon as someone else and US border agents not verifying e-passports to the cryptojacking attack on LA Times, and more!

20,000 web certificate private keys outed in “business tiff”

2 Březen, 2018 - 14:58
How would you react if the company that sold you your web certificate leaked it by email to force the certificate issuer to revoke it?

Facebook’s see yourself bald app: extreme hackers or extreme hoax?

2 Březen, 2018 - 13:58
Facebook's latest hoax warns that "extreme hackers" are selling our data on the "black market."

Can emojis save you from a terrible password?

2 Březen, 2018 - 12:24
Researchers might have discovered a simple way to get more computer users to opt for strong passwords - tell them how easy their weak choices would be to hack.

Don’t fall for fake iTunes and App Store messages

2 Březen, 2018 - 12:18
Apple posted a new guide with tips on distinguishing official emails from phishing attempts that are getting more convincing all the time.

Machine learning self defence: how to not shoot yourself in the foot

1 Březen, 2018 - 21:52
Our machine learning series starts with arguably the biggest threat you face: yourself.

Equifax finds ANOTHER 2.4 million Americans hit by breach

1 Březen, 2018 - 18:16
...meanwhile, a new study says half of us haven't checked our credit reports or scores since the breach. No time like the present!

27% of under-18s have been sexted, and it’s on the rise

1 Březen, 2018 - 13:18
A meta-analysis found that youth who willingly sext within a relationship report it as a positive experience. Unauthorized sexting is where it gets ugly.

Microsoft still refusing to hand over private email data stored in Ireland

1 Březen, 2018 - 12:41
Tech giants are worried about this case and what it will mean: will data stored on servers abroad become vulnerable to government grabs?

Right to be Forgotten requests stagnate, Google refuses most anyway

1 Březen, 2018 - 12:20
Studying Google’s latest transparency report, it’s clear that demand by Europeans to have URLs removed (or “delisted”) from the search giant’s results has dropped off.

Single Sign-On authentication – the bug that lets you logon as someone else

28 Únor, 2018 - 18:59
Logon security company Duo recently found a flaw in its own authentication gateway - a bug that affected numerous other vendors, too.

If any phone can be hacked, should we give up on security? [VIDEO]

28 Únor, 2018 - 18:16
Given recent news implying that the cops can hack any and all iPhones, should we simply give up on mobile security?

“Misguided” hacking bill threatens to ice security researchers, say critics

28 Únor, 2018 - 13:58
The bill could criminalize security researchers for non-malicious poking around.

ISIS recruiter caught by Facebook screenshot

28 Únor, 2018 - 12:49
An ISIS follower tried to radicalize hundreds of strangers worldwide, until one of his targets captured the messages and gave them to police.

Making private browsing more private

28 Únor, 2018 - 12:40
Introducing Veil, an MIT and Harvard research project.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak scammed by Bitcoin fraudster

28 Únor, 2018 - 12:35
Apple co-founder and tech icon Steve Wozniak has reportedly admitted falling victim to Bitcoin fraud.

Can the FBI really unlock ANY iPhone in existence?

27 Únor, 2018 - 18:34
According to Forbes, law enforcement agencies may be able to unlock many or most iPhones in use out there.

Oops! Apple repair center making around 20 false emergency calls a day

27 Únor, 2018 - 14:29
Devices are innocent until proven guilty, but those Apple Watches are notorious for being easily triggered.