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Money-eating cash machine RAT gobbles $17,500

26 Červen, 2018 - 13:34
RAT may be short for Remote Access Trojan, but the word also refers to a well-known type of rodent...

School facial recognition system sparks privacy concerns

26 Červen, 2018 - 12:39
A New York school district is hoping to use technology to make its children safer. But not everyone is happy about it.

Facebook sends weekly app emails to wrong people

26 Červen, 2018 - 12:17
In another one of those privacy hiccups Facebook is making a habit of lately, the company has admitted accidentally copying some weekly app developer emails to the wrong recipients.

Terrible passwords outlawed in Microsoft’s new Azure tool

25 Červen, 2018 - 17:59
Azure AD Password Protection prevents users from setting a password from the company’s list of 500 most common and easily-guessed examples.

Nintendo Switch hackers show hacking for mischief is alive and well

25 Červen, 2018 - 14:23
Think today's hackers are only motivated by money? Think again. In the gaming world, there's plenty of hacks-for-lulz on display.

Brave browser starts feeding ads to willing guinea pigs

25 Červen, 2018 - 13:52
Hands up who wants to sign up to receive advertising as they browse the internet? Probably no-one, and yet that's exactly what the new Brave browser is asking its users to do.

The WannaCrypt ransomware scam – what you need to know [PODCAST]

25 Červen, 2018 - 13:48
A hoax about ransomware called "WannaCrypt" has been widely spammed out. But is an attack of this sort technically possible?

Internet shut down in Algeria to stop exam cheats

25 Červen, 2018 - 13:30
It’s exam time again, and aside from panic and caffeine-fuelled all-nighters, that can only mean one thing: A lot of people are getting their internet shut off.

Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

25 Červen, 2018 - 11:18
From the "world's worst" smart padlock to the Dark Web drug dealer betrayed by his beard - catch up with everything we wrote last week.

iPhone pwned? Researcher says he can unlock iOS without running out of tries

23 Červen, 2018 - 02:36
A security researcher says he's found a way to guess iPhone lock codes without getting blocked after 10 mistakes.

“WannaCrypt” ransomware scam demands payment in advance!

22 Červen, 2018 - 15:58
To avoid the need for actual ransomware, just insist on payment up front...

Holy Potatoes! Popular games remove “spyware” after gamers revolt

22 Červen, 2018 - 13:22
Whether what Red Shell does is an invasion of privacy or a harmless tool seems to depend on whether you’re a developer or a gamer.

ICE staff doxxed on Twitter, GitHub, Medium amid child separation furore

22 Červen, 2018 - 12:52
Major websites took steps to protect ICE staff as tension over the US family separation policy ratcheted up.

Don’t download it! Fake Fortnite app ends in malware…

21 Červen, 2018 - 18:52
Epic Games is on the verge of releasing Fortnite for Android - so the crooks are jumping in to offer you "early access"... to malware!

Why you may want to update your browser in the next 9 days

21 Červen, 2018 - 16:08
Want to keep shopping online? If you're using an old browser you may find yourself locked out of PCI-compliant (e-commerce) websites.

So long! ‘The internet’s most inept criminal’ goes to jail

21 Červen, 2018 - 16:00
The FBI took six months to track him down - what they found was a disturbed hacker with "no skills".

Offline Android apps get new security check

21 Červen, 2018 - 15:38
How do Android users know whether an app is genuine?

Elderly victims conned out of millions by tech support scammer

21 Červen, 2018 - 15:17
The FTC has been battling tech support scams for years, especially ones targeting older citizens who are seen by fraudsters everywhere as susceptible to these cons.

Apple to share location data during emergency calls in iOS 12

21 Červen, 2018 - 14:47
iOS 12 users will automatically share highly-detailed location information when calling 911.

Google Chromecast and Home Speaker can leak location data to websites

20 Červen, 2018 - 17:16
Two Google products have a design weakness that could reveal their users' locations.