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Apple Macs have gaping root hole – here’s a superquick way to check and fix it

29 Listopad, 2017 - 00:45
You can't login as "root" on a Mac because it never asks you to set the password, so you don't know what it is. Except that it's [blank].

Most Fancy Bear hacking targets weren’t warned by FBI

28 Listopad, 2017 - 15:19
In some cases, that includes not being contacted by the FBI even after their emails had been stolen and published online.

Age verification legislation will lead to porn habit database

28 Listopad, 2017 - 14:41
"Data collection creates an inherent risk of data loss through hack, breach, or other forms of intrusion."

Involved in a data breach? Firefox to test alerts in the browser

28 Listopad, 2017 - 12:03
The company plans to trial an add-on that will warn users if they appear in Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned? database.

The end of net neutrality draws near

27 Listopad, 2017 - 20:30
Will it mean a newly vibrant and competitive internet or an internet for the rich?

How one man could have deleted any image on Facebook

27 Listopad, 2017 - 17:42
Pouya Darabi found how to embed other people's images in a Facebook poll so that deleting *his* poll also deleted *their* files.

Facebook tool will reveal if you were fooled by Russian propaganda

27 Listopad, 2017 - 13:55
Facebook says that Russia-backed posts reached 126 million Americans during the 2016 US election.

Imgur breached back in 2014, wasn’t storing your passwords properly

27 Listopad, 2017 - 13:43
Photo-sharing site Imgur just found out it was breached back in 2014 - and back then it wasn't storing your passwords securely.

Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

27 Listopad, 2017 - 09:34
From the all-seeing eye watching you online and the Uber data breach to Androids secretly reporting your location, and more!

A gargantuan all-seeing eye is watching you on popular websites

24 Listopad, 2017 - 19:13
Some websites are recording everything you do, what could go wrong?

Alleged HBO hacker is an Iranian the FBI can’t arrest

24 Listopad, 2017 - 18:59
Is publicly pursuing a man beyond reach a cry in the dark?

3 simple tips to stay off the hook this phishing season

24 Listopad, 2017 - 15:18
We're entering peak retail season, so here are three simple tips to help convince your friends and family to Stop - Think - Connect...

Cloud storage for password managers – are you for or against?

24 Listopad, 2017 - 12:36
Is the cloud the right place to keep your passwords?

Tether hits back after $31m cryptocurrency hack

23 Listopad, 2017 - 20:01
The money isn't out of reach, yet

Worries over Intel’s Management Engine grow after new flaws found

23 Listopad, 2017 - 16:36
What is the world’s most widely-used operating system on new PCs? Windows? Guess again.

Androids caught secretly reporting location data regardless of opt-out

23 Listopad, 2017 - 16:08
Androids have been collecting our location data and sending it to Google when connected to the internet

Mr. Robot eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk – the security review

23 Listopad, 2017 - 13:59
What's new in Mr. Robot's world?

What we know about Uber (so far, anyway) [VIDEO]

22 Listopad, 2017 - 19:28
Uber is the data breach story of the week that looks set to become the saga of the month/quarter/year/decade. Here's the story so far...

Black Friday shopping? “A little delay goes a long way!”

22 Listopad, 2017 - 17:16
Want to chase those bargains on Black Friday? Here's how to do it without falling over yourself in haste...

Google and Twitter turn their backs on Russian media over fake news

22 Listopad, 2017 - 15:28
Russia Today and Sputnik swear up and down they're legitimate news sources. The FBI, and former employees, beg to differ.