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Microsoft's Private Windows 10 Internal Builds and Partial Source Code Leaked Online

24 Červen, 2017 - 13:09
A massive archive of Microsoft's top-secret Windows 10 builds, and the source codes for private software has been reportedly leaked online, which could lead to a nasty wave of Windows 10 exploits, journalist at the Reg claims. The Leaked files – uploaded on BetaArchive website – contains more than 32 terabytes of data, which includes many non-public Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 builds
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Two British Men Arrested For Hacking Microsoft

23 Červen, 2017 - 12:22
British police have arrested two men in the UK conspiring to hack into the computer networks of US tech giant Microsoft with plans to steal customers’ data from the software giant. The suspects — 22-year-old from Sleaford and a 25-year-old from Bracknell — were arrested by the detectives from the Britain's South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) Thursday morning (22 June 2017). The
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New GhostHook Attack Bypasses Windows 10 PatchGuard Protections

23 Červen, 2017 - 07:49
Vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft PatchGuard kernel protection could allow hackers to plant rootkits on computers running the company's latest and secure operating system, Windows 10. Researchers at CyberArk Labs have developed a new attack technique which could allow hackers to completely bypass PatchGuard, and hook a malicious kernel code (rootkits) at the kernel level. PatchGuard,
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No, WannaCry Is Not Dead! Hits Honda & Traffic Light Camera System

22 Červen, 2017 - 16:34
It's been over a month since the WannaCry ransomware caused chaos worldwide and people have started counting its name as 'the things of past,' but… ...WannaCry is not DEAD! The self-spreading ransomware is still alive and is working absolutely fine. The latest victims of WannaCry are Honda Motor Company and 55 speed and traffic light cameras in Australia. The WannaCry ransomware shuts
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Brutal Kangaroo: CIA-developed Malware for Hacking Air-Gapped Networks Covertly

22 Červen, 2017 - 14:29
WikiLeaks has published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak, this time detailing a tool suite – which is being used by the CIA for Microsoft Windows that targets "closed networks by air gap jumping using thumb drives," mainly implemented in enterprises and critical infrastructures. Air-gapped computers that are isolated from the Internet or other external networks are believed to be the
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Critical RCE Flaw Found in OpenVPN that Escaped Two Recent Security Audits

22 Červen, 2017 - 10:19
A security researcher has found four vulnerabilities, including a critical remote code execution bug, in OpenVPN, those were not even caught in the two big security audits of the open source VPN software this year. OpenVPN is one of the most popular and widely used open source VPN software solutions mostly used for various connectivity needs, but it is especially popular for anonymous and
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WebSites Found Collecting Data from Online Forms Even Before You Click Submit

21 Červen, 2017 - 11:11
'Do I really need to give this website so much about me?' That's exactly what I usually think after filling but before submitting a web form online asking for my personal details to continue. I am sure most of you would either close the whole tab or would edit already typed details (or filled up by browser's auto-fill feature) before clicking 'Submit' — Isn't it? But closing the tab or
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NSA Opens Github Account — Lists 32 Projects Developed by the Agency

21 Červen, 2017 - 09:01
The National Security Agency (NSA) — the United States intelligence agency which is known for its secrecy and working in the dark — has finally joined GitHub and launched an official GitHub page. The NSA employs genius-level coders and brightest mathematicians, who continually work to break codes, gather intelligence on everyone, and develop hacking tools like EternalBlue that was leaked by
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Next Windows 10 Version May Have Built-in EMET Anti-Exploit Program

20 Červen, 2017 - 22:11
It seems Microsoft is planning to build its EMET anti-exploit tool into the kernel of Windows 10 Creator Update (also known as RedStone 3), which is expected to release in September/October 2017. So you may not have to separately download and install EMET in the upcoming version of the Windows 10. If true, this would be the second big change Microsoft is making in its Windows 10 Fall update
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Microsoft to Remove SMBv1 Protocol in Next Windows 10 Version (RedStone 3)

20 Červen, 2017 - 18:13
The Server Message Block version 1 (SMBv1) — a 30-year-old file sharing protocol which came to light last month after the devastating WannaCry outbreak — will be removed from the upcoming Windows 10 (1709) Redstone 3 Update. The SMBv1 is one of the internet's most ancient networking protocols that allows the operating systems and applications to read and write data to a system and a system to
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Web Hosting Company Pays $1 Million to Ransomware Hackers to Get Files Back

20 Červen, 2017 - 15:01
South Korean web hosting provider has agreed to pay $1 million in bitcoins to hackers after a Linux ransomware infected its 153 servers, encrypting 3,400 business websites and their data, hosted on them. According to a blog post published by NAYANA, the web hosting company, this unfortunate event happened on 10th June when ransomware malware hit its hosting servers and attacker demanded 550
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A Decade Old Unix/Linux/BSD Root Privilege-Escalation Bug Discovered

20 Červen, 2017 - 09:57
Security researchers have discovered more than a decade-old vulnerability in several Unix-based operating systems — including Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD and Solaris — which can be exploited by attackers to escalate their privileges to root, potentially leading to a full system takeover. Dubbed Stack Clash, the vulnerability (CVE-2017-1000364) has been discovered in the way memory was
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Database of Over 198 Million U.S. Voters Left Exposed On Unsecured Server

19 Červen, 2017 - 18:38
Information on more than 198 Million United States citizens, that's over 60% of the US population, was exposed in what's believed to be the largest ever known exposure of voter-related to date. This blunder was caused by Deep Root Analytics (DRA), a data analytics firm employed by the US Republican National Committee (RNC), who "mistakenly" left sensitive personal details of more than 198
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Mexican Govt. Allegedly Used Spyware Against Journalists, Activists & A Child

19 Červen, 2017 - 15:02
After the disclosure of sophisticated global espionage and disinformation campaign aimed to discredit enemies of the state, Citizen Lab researchers exposed the dirty game of the Mexican government and its politics. The report — "Government Spy: Systematic monitoring of journalists and human rights defenders in Mexico" — published by Citizen Lab today revealed how the Mexican government used
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European Parliament Proposes Ban On Encryption Backdoors

19 Červen, 2017 - 13:52
Prime Minister Theresa May wants tech companies, like Facebook, Apple, and Google, to create controversial 'backdoors' for police, but even somewhere she knows that it's not that easy as it sounds. The Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has released a draft proposal [PDF] for new laws on privacy and electronic communications, recommending end-to-end (
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How to Speed Up Firefox With Multi-Process, If It's Not Working By Default

19 Červen, 2017 - 10:43
After years of waiting, Mozilla last week launched Firefox 54 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, with multi-process support — a "major improvement" to improve your browsing experience — but many users are still struggling to take advantage of this feature. Mozilla's multi-process support in Firefox has been in development for over eight years as part of a project, codenamed Electrolysis or
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New Fileless Ransomware with Code Injection Ability Detected in the Wild

16 Červen, 2017 - 12:21
It is no secret that hackers and cybercriminals are becoming dramatically more adept, innovative, and stealthy with each passing day. While new forms of cybercrime are on the rise, traditional activities seem to be shifting towards more clandestine techniques that come with limitless attack vectors with low detection rates. Security researchers have recently discovered a new fileless
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25-Year-Old Hacker Pleads Guilty to Hacking U.S. Military Satellite Phone System

16 Červen, 2017 - 11:00
A British computer hacker who allegedly hacked a United States Department of Defense satellite system in 2014 and accessed the personal information of hundreds of military personnel has pleaded guilty on Thursday. Sean Caffrey, a 25-year-old resident of Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, has admitted to breaking into a US military communications system in June 2014 and stealing usernames
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Google's New Tool Lets You Easily Backup & Sync Your Entire PC to the Cloud

15 Červen, 2017 - 21:07
Soon you will be able to auto backup and sync your whole computer on Google Drive. Yes, you heard that right. By the end of this month, Google will launch Backup and Sync — a new, simple tool that has been designed to help you backup not only your documents and photos in the cloud but your entire computer as well. <!-- adsense --> Data loss is always the worst thing that can happen to anyone
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Wikileaks Unveils 'Cherry Blossom' — Wireless Hacking System Used by CIA

15 Červen, 2017 - 21:07
WikiLeaks has published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak, this time detailing a framework – which is being used by the CIA for monitoring the Internet activity of the targeted systems by exploiting vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi devices. Dubbed "Cherry Blossom," the framework was allegedly designed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with the help of Stanford Research Institute (SRI
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