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The Future (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series)

18 Leden, 2018 - 03:17
How the future has been imagined and made, through the work of writers, artists, inventors, and designers. The future is like an unwritten book. It is not something we see in a crystal ball, or can only hope to predict, like the weather. In this volume of the MIT Press’s Essential Knowledge series, Nick Montfort [...]
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Tracking a thought’s fleeting trip through the brain

18 Leden, 2018 - 03:04
Repeating a word: as the brain receives (yellow), interpretes (red), and responds (blue) within a second, the prefrontal cortex (red) coordinates all areas of the brain involved. (video credit: Avgusta Shestyuk/UC Berkeley). Recording the electrical activity of neurons directly from the surface of the brain, using electrocorticograhy (ECoG)*, neuroscientists were able to track the flow [...]
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Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

17 Leden, 2018 - 17:46
“A terrific book…[Pinker] recounts the progress across a broad array of metrics, from health to wars, the environment to happiness, equal rights to quality of life.” –The New York Times The follow-up to Pinker’s groundbreaking The Better Angels of Our Nature presents the big picture of human progress: people are living longer, healthier, freer, and happier lives, [...]
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Deep neural network models score higher than humans in reading and comprehension test

16 Leden, 2018 - 05:55
Microsoft and Alibaba have developed deep neural network models that scored higher than humans in a Stanford University reading and comprehension test, Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD). Microsoft achieved 82.650 on the ExactMatch (EM) metric* on Jan. 3, and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. scored 82.440 on Jan. 5. The best human score so far is [...]
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Ray Kurzweil highlights University Innovation Fellows meetup at Google

16 Leden, 2018 - 04:00
Futurist, author, and inventor Ray Kurzweil spoke to the 350 fellows and faculty at the University Innovation Fellows (UIF) Silicon Valley Meetup on November 16–20, 2017 at Stanford University. University Innovation Fellows/Tyler Winick | Ray Kurzweil — UIF Silicon Valley Meetup November 2017 The UIF attendees participated in experiential workshops and exercises focused on topics including [...]
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2018 IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things

15 Leden, 2018 - 08:28
The theme of the WF-IoT 2018 is “Smart Cities and Nations.” Singapore’s government is one of the leading examples where policies and practices result in deployment of “smart” technologies and adoptions of IoT. Highlights of the conference include: The many public sector officials who will be giving plenary talks or leading panels – including the [...]
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video | Ray Kurzweil & daughter Amy Kurzweil on the future of story-telling

15 Leden, 2018 - 07:00
Dear readers, I presented on stage with my daughter Amy Kurzweil in a featured session at the popular event called South by Southwest. Amy and I share an enthusiasm for the future of storytelling and the arts, and what new digital media can accomplish. Following our talk, Amy Kurzweil will do a book signing at the [...]
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Scientists map mammalian neural microcircuits in precise detail

13 Leden, 2018 - 05:47
Neuroscientists at the Francis Crick Institute have developed a new technique to map electrical microcircuits* in the brain at far more detail than existing techniques*, which are limited to tiny sections of the brain (or remain confined to simpler model organisms, like zebrafish). In the brain, groups of neurons that connect up in microcircuits help [...]
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Dark State: A Novel of the Merchant Princes Multiverse (Empire Games)

12 Leden, 2018 - 09:25
Hugo Award-winning author Charlie Stross dives deep into the underbelly of paratime espionage, nuclear warfare, and state surveillance in this provocative techno-thriller set in The Merchant Princes multi-verse Dark State ups the ante on the already volatile situations laid out in the sleek techno-thriller Empire Games, the start to Stross’ new story-line, and perfect entry point for new [...]
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Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

12 Leden, 2018 - 09:24
Sapolsky (Monkeyluv), professor of biology at Stanford, looks at human behavior from myriad interrelated perspectives, endeavoring to explain humans’ strange and often contradictory behavior. He predominantly focuses on exploring “the biology of violence, aggression, and competition” through the lenses of neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, genetics, evolutionary biology, political science, and communication theory. Sapolsky takes complex ideas [...]
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How to grow functioning human muscles from stem cells

10 Leden, 2018 - 08:54
Biomedical engineers at Duke University have grown the first functioning human skeletal muscle from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). (Pluripotent stem cells are important in regenerative medicine because they can generate any type of cell in the body and can propagate indefinitely; the induced version can be generated from adult cells instead of embryos.) [...]
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Decentralized AI Summit

9 Leden, 2018 - 04:39
This event gathers the best and brightest minds together to talk about the architecture, infrastructure, and foundations of building decentralized intelligence through new technologies being developed around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and beyond. This is a place to inspire and be inspired. We will ALSO cover topics in Applied AI such as: Healthcare/Genetics Internet of Things Autonomous Vehicles Robotics VR/AR Multi-agent [...]
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DARPA-funded ‘unhackable’ computer could avoid future flaws like Spectre and Meltdown

9 Leden, 2018 - 04:15
A University of Michigan (U-M) team has announced plans to develop an “unhackable” computer, funded by a new $3.6 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The goal of the project, called MORPHEUS, is to design computers that avoid the vulnerabilities of most current microprocessors, such as the Spectre and Meltdown flaws [...]
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Researchers hack cell biology to create complex shapes that form living tissue

5 Leden, 2018 - 07:32
Many of the complex folded and curved shapes that form human tissues can now be programmatically recreated with very simple instructions, UC San Francisco (UCSF) bioengineers report December 28 in the journal Developmental Cell. The researchers used 3D cell-patterning to shape active mouse and human embryonic cells into thin layers of extracellular matrix fibers (a structural [...]
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Brainwave ‘mirroring’ neurotechnology improves post-traumatic stress symptoms

4 Leden, 2018 - 05:08
You are relaxing comfortably, eyes closed, with non-invasive sensors attached to your scalp that are picking up signals from various areas of your brain. The signals are converted by a computer to audio tones that you can hear on earbuds. Over several sessions, the different frequencies (pitches) of the tones associated with the two hemispheres [...]
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Deep Learning in Retail & Advertising Summit London

4 Leden, 2018 - 03:32
THIS SUMMIT IS CO-LOCATED WITH THE DEEP LEARNING IN FINANCE SUMMIT & AI ASSISTANT SUMMIT Discover the latest deep learning advancements and how to leverage methods to improve advertising and the retail experience. Why Attend Extraordinary Speakers Discover advances in deep learning tools & techniques from the world’s leading innovators across industry, academia, retail & advertising. Speakers will [...]
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Deep Learning in Finance Summit London

4 Leden, 2018 - 03:32
THIS SUMMIT IS CO-LOCATED WITH THE DEEP LEARNING IN RETAIL SUMMIT & AI ASSISTANT SUMMIT Discover advances in deep learning tools and techniques from the world’s leading innovators across industry, research and the financial sector. Why Attend Extraordinary Speakers Discover advances in deep learning tools and techniques from the world’s leading innovators across industry, academia and the financial [...]
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The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner

26 Prosinec, 2017 - 12:00
Shortlisted for the 2018 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction From the legendary whistle-blower who revealed the Pentagon Papers, an eyewitness exposé of the dangers of America’s Top Secret, seventy-year-long nuclear policy that continues to this day. Here, for the first time, former high-level defense analyst Daniel Ellsberg reveals his shocking firsthand account of America’s [...]
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IoT Evolution Expo

23 Prosinec, 2017 - 06:20
Driving Business Transformation Through the Internet of Things Meet with the IoT ecosystem and worldwide business leaders and learn how to leverage the power of the IoT to transform and move your business forward. Through informative conference tracks, an IoT Exhibition floor, case studies, special events, networking and more you will understand how the Internet [...]
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22 Prosinec, 2017 - 23:28
On Sunday, January 28, 2018, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Carboncopies is hosting a public workshop on whole brain emulation and mind uploading. Attendance online or in person is free of charge. The workshop is designed to both introduce whole brain emulation and the Carboncopies organization as well as provide an update of current status and activities. [...]
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