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Ryuk Ransomware: Now with Worming Self-Propagation

2 Březen, 2021 - 17:54
The Ryuk scourge has a new trick in its arsenal: Self-replication via SMB shares and port scanning.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Mobile Adware Booms, Online Banks Become Prime Target for Attacks

1 Březen, 2021 - 23:54
A snapshot of the 2020 mobile threat landscape reveals major shifts toward adware and threats to online banks.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Malware Loader Abuses Google SEO to Expand Payload Delivery

1 Březen, 2021 - 22:23
Gootloader has expanded its payloads beyond the Gootkit malware family, using Google SEO poisoning to gain traction.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Passwords, Private Posts Exposed in Hack of Gab Social Network

1 Březen, 2021 - 21:41
The Distributed Denial of Secrets group claim they have received more than 70 gigabytes of data exfiltrated from social media platform Gab.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Firewall Vendor Patches Critical Auth Bypass Flaw

1 Březen, 2021 - 16:59
Cybersecurity firm Genua fixes a critical flaw in its GenuGate High Resistance Firewall, allowing attackers to log in as root users.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Amazon Dismisses Claims Alexa ‘Skills’ Can Bypass Security Vetting Process

26 Únor, 2021 - 22:53
Researchers found a number of privacy and security issues in Amazon's Alexa skill vetting process, which could lead to attackers stealing data or launching phishing attacks.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Stalkerware Volumes Remain Concerningly High, Despite Bans

26 Únor, 2021 - 22:26
COVID-19 impacted volumes for the year, but the U.S. moved into third place on the list of countries most infected by stalkerware.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Lazarus Targets Defense Companies with ThreatNeedle Malware

26 Únor, 2021 - 20:56
A spear-phishing campaigned linked to a North Korean APT uses “NukeSped” malware in cyberespionage attacks against defense companies.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Yeezy Fans Face Sneaker-Bot Armies for Hot Kicks Releases  

26 Únor, 2021 - 19:00
Sneaker bots are scooping up the new Yeezy "Ash Blue" and "Quantum" shoes to resell at a huge markup.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Malware Gangs Partner Up in Double-Punch Security Threat

26 Únor, 2021 - 17:22
From TrickBot to Ryuk, more malware cybercriminal groups are putting their heads together when attacking businesses.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Podcast: Ransomware Attacks Exploded in Q4 2020

26 Únor, 2021 - 14:36
Researchers said they saw a seven-times increase in ransomware activity in the fourth quarter of 2020, across various families – from Ryuk to Egregor.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Protecting Sensitive Cardholder Data in Today’s Hyper-Connected World

26 Únor, 2021 - 14:25
Retailers that lacked significant digital presence pre-COVID are now reaching new audiences through e-commerce sites that are accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any device.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Cyberattacks Launch Against Vietnamese Human-Rights Activists

25 Únor, 2021 - 21:06
Vietnam joins the ranks of governments using spyware to crack down on human-rights defenders.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Health Website Leaks 8 Million COVID-19 Test Results

25 Únor, 2021 - 18:34
A teenaged ethical hacker discovered a flawed endpoint associated with a health-department website in the state of Bengal, which exposed personally identifiable information related to test results.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Malicious Mozilla Firefox Extension Allows Gmail Takeover

25 Únor, 2021 - 18:04
The malicious extension, FriarFox, snoops in on both Firefox and Gmail-related data.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Cisco Warns of Critical Auth-Bypass Security Flaw

25 Únor, 2021 - 15:45
Cisco also stomped out a critical security flaw affecting its Nexus 3000 Series Switches and Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Tax Season Ushers in Quickbooks Data-Theft Spike

24 Únor, 2021 - 22:52
Quickbooks malware targets tax data for attackers to sell and use in phishing scams.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Mozilla Patches Bugs in Firefox, Now Blocks Cross-Site Cookie Tracking

24 Únor, 2021 - 21:50
Mozilla said its Total Cookie Protection feature in Firefox 86 prevents invasive, cross-site cookie tracking.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

VMWare Patches Critical RCE Flaw in vCenter Server

24 Únor, 2021 - 18:14
The vulnerability, one of three patched by the company this week, could allow threat actors to breach the external perimeter of a data center or leverage backdoors already installed to take over a system.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Nvidia’s Anti-Cryptomining GPU Chip May Not Discourage Attacks

24 Únor, 2021 - 16:31
The hotly anticipated GeForce RTX 3060, a ray-tracing-friendly, advanced gaming graphics chip, will also throttle Ethereum mining.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security