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It’s baaaack: Locky ransomware is on the rise again

17 Srpen, 2017 - 12:45
Locky had been quiet until new variants started appearing last week. Here's what you need to know

News in brief: micro robots heal mice; Scottish Parliament hacked; Google Allo on desktops

16 Srpen, 2017 - 20:27
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Judge orders LinkedIn to stop blocking third-party use of your data

16 Srpen, 2017 - 18:44
How do you feel about other companies scraping your public information from LinkedIn and monetizing it?

Who will own the data from your autonomous car?

16 Srpen, 2017 - 18:00
If you're hoping that Congress to lock in protection for your privacy, you should probably lower your expectations

Bot armies of fake followers are the footsoldiers of fake news

16 Srpen, 2017 - 14:35
Actual humans are left in the dust by the army of bots who pick up and amplify fake news - but how should they be stopped?

Toronto woman joins the fight against creepshot image sites

16 Srpen, 2017 - 13:11
There are tools that can help track down and take down stolen and creepshot images of women - but the challenge is a tough one

News in brief: teen scoops Excel prize; four arrested over GoT leak; web firm fights DoJ ‘overreach’

15 Srpen, 2017 - 19:47
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Fancy Bear bites hotel networks as EternalBlue mystery deepens

15 Srpen, 2017 - 18:22
The attack, presumably to spy on high-value hotel guests, is textbook Fancy Bear, say researchers

Too many big online brands allow terrible passwords

15 Srpen, 2017 - 17:15
Some of the biggest online names are the among the worst when it comes to password policies

How shared Android libraries could be weaponized for data theft

15 Srpen, 2017 - 16:46
When you're installing an Android app, pause before you approve one that asks for a lot of permissions - do you really need that app on your device?

How much HBO hackers have is hazy; what they want is clear – cash

15 Srpen, 2017 - 14:42
'Mr Smith', apparently the HBO hackers' spokesman, is making extravagant claims and increasingly hostile demands

News in brief: update bricks 500 smart locks; Hutchins pleads not guilty; drone landed on warship

14 Srpen, 2017 - 20:06
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Dashboard tracks ‘desire in foreign councils’ to meddle with democracy

14 Srpen, 2017 - 18:53
Project inspired by Alexander Hamilton's words is tracking Russian-linked efforts to distort news and narratives

Court records system has been open to hackers for decades

14 Srpen, 2017 - 16:35
The easily exploitable and long-standing hole has finally been patched, said the Free Law Project, which set out a series of recommendations to improve the security of the system

Thousands of Android-spying apps in the wild: what to do about SonicSpy

14 Srpen, 2017 - 15:27
Google has done a good job of removing infected apps from the Play store, but victims are being hit from other sources

Why China’s quantum satellites do not herald ‘unhackable’ networks

14 Srpen, 2017 - 14:03
Don't believe the hype - it's a much trickier engineering and physics challenge than the headlines would have you believe

Monday review – the hot 25 stories of the week

14 Srpen, 2017 - 10:57
From Ariana Grande's hacking and Microsoft's out-of-band security updates to why it's time to fix localhost, and more!

News in brief: facial recognition planned for Carnival; spy chief backs encryption; ginger emoji planned

11 Srpen, 2017 - 20:10
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Firefox 55 makes Flash click-to-run, fixes security bugs

11 Srpen, 2017 - 18:41
The long march towards the death of Flash takes another step in Firefox's latest version

‘You could see why someone might want to hack DNA’

11 Srpen, 2017 - 18:09
Researchers pull off a proof of concept experiment to encode malware in DNA - and this should be 'a wake-up call to make sure it can't become a practical reality'