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LenovoEMC Storage Gear Leaks Sensitive Financial Data

16 Červenec, 2019 - 21:59
Lenovo patches enterprise and SMB network attached storage devices for a vulnerability that leaked data to the public internet.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

The Future is Female: A Key to the Cybersecurity Workforce Challenge

16 Červenec, 2019 - 18:55
With cybersecurity worldwide facing a major applicant shortage, businesses should be courting women and supporting girls.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

WhatsApp, Telegram Coding Blunders Can Expose Personal Media Files

16 Červenec, 2019 - 18:50
The issue, present on Android versions, is similar to the known man-in-the-disk attack vector.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

JetBlue Bomb Scare Set Off with Apple AirDrop

16 Červenec, 2019 - 16:57
Someone AirDropped a picture of a suicide vest to multiple people on a JetBlue flight, prompting an evacuation.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Privacy Experts: Facebook’s $5B Fine Unlikely to Do Much

16 Červenec, 2019 - 00:07
The FTC has levied its biggest fine ever against the social network, but it's unlikely to have much effect.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Turla APT Returns with New Malware, Anti-Censorship Angle

15 Červenec, 2019 - 22:55
A dropper called “Topinambour" is the first-stage implant, which in turn fetches a spy trojan built in several coding languages.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Researcher Bypasses Instagram 2FA to Hack Any Account

15 Červenec, 2019 - 17:53
An independent researcher earned a $30,000 bug bounty after discovering a weakness in the mobile recovery process.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Why Cities Are a Low-Hanging Fruit For Ransomware

15 Červenec, 2019 - 15:00
In this first part of a two part series, Shawn Taylor with Forescout talks to Threatpost about lessons learned from helping Atlanta remediate and recover from its massive ransomware attack.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Threatlist: 68% of Overwhelmed IT Managers Can’t Keep Up with Cyberattacks

14 Červenec, 2019 - 21:54
Most respondents in a recent survey say they're losing the battle despite having up-to-date protections in place.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Exploring the Top 15 Most Common Vulnerabilities with HackerOne and GitHub

14 Červenec, 2019 - 21:45
Vulnerability experts Michiel Prins and Greg Ose discuss the 15 most common vulnerability types.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Heather Mills Gets An Apology and ‘Substantial’ Settlement in Spyware Case

12 Červenec, 2019 - 22:23
Rupert Murdoch's News Group has agreed to pay damages to Paul McCartney's ex as part of the massive phone-hacking scandal by UK tabloids.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Unusual Linux Ransomware Targets NAS Servers

12 Červenec, 2019 - 18:09
QNAPCrypt continues to spread via brute-force attacks.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Hacked Hair Straighteners Can Threaten Homes

12 Červenec, 2019 - 15:50
A lack of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) pairing mechanism leaves the smart IoT devices open to malicious manipulation.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Google Home Silently Captures Recordings of Domestic Violence and More

11 Červenec, 2019 - 21:59
Google is under fire after a report found that Google Home and Google Assistant records user audio, even when no wake-up word is used.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Apple Issues Silent Update Removing Zoom’s Hidden Server

11 Červenec, 2019 - 16:04
The tech giant addressed a widely publicized Zoom bug with an automatic update mechanism usually reserved for removing malware.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Apple Disables Walkie-Talkie App Due to Eavesdropping Flaw

11 Červenec, 2019 - 15:30
Apple has disabled the Walkie Talkie app from its Apple Watch products after a vulnerability was discovered enabling bad actors to eavesdrop on iPhone conversations.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Implementing Bug Bounty Programs: The Right and Wrong Approaches

11 Červenec, 2019 - 14:00
Threatpost catches up with David Baker, the chief security officer at Bugcrowd, about the future of bug bounty programs.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Bug in Anesthesia Respirators Allows Cyber-Tampering

10 Červenec, 2019 - 23:15
GE Healthcare said an attacker could modify gas composition parameters within the devices' respirator function.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Zoom Pushes Emergency Patch for Webcam Hijack Flaw

10 Červenec, 2019 - 18:17
After media scrutiny, the collaboration service has decided to address the zero-day after initially dismissing its severity.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security

Latest FinSpy Modules Lift Data from Secure Messaging Apps

10 Červenec, 2019 - 17:57
The espionage tool is capable of eavesdropping on calls and messages sent via Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp and more.
Kategorie: Hacking & Security