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Nikola Danaylov on the Always Another Way Podcast: The World is Transformed by Asking Questions

6 Srpen, 2018 - 15:28
A couple of weeks ago I did an interview on the Always Another Way Podcast. Now, let’s be clear that this was a different kind of interview I did here, so if you want to hear primarily my views on AI, the Singularity, transhumanism, and other advanced technologies, then, this […]
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Beyond Bionics: How the Future of Prosthetics is Redefining Humanity

2 Srpen, 2018 - 16:23
Bionic technology is removing physical barriers faced by disabled people while raising profound ethical questions of what it is to be human. From DIY prosthetics realized through 3D printing technology to customized AI-driven limbs, science is at the forefront of many life-enhancing innovations.  Related Articles: Nigel Ackland: Ordinary…Extraordinary – Life […]
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Gerd Leonhard on AI and Digital Ethics

20 Červenec, 2018 - 16:24
It’s been ten years now since I came up with my thesis that Technology is Not Enough. That ethics is a good operating system to help us debug not only our technology but also our society. And so it makes me very happy to find other travelers on the same journey, […]
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