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Powerful Android and iOS Spyware Found Deployed in 45 Countries

18 Září, 2018 - 17:05
One of the world's most dangerous Android and iPhone spyware program has been found deployed against targets across 45 countries around the world over the last two years, a new report from Citizen Lab revealed. The infamous spyware, dubbed Pegasus, is developed by NSO Group—an Israeli company which is mostly known for selling high-tech surveillance tools capable of remotely cracking into
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Linus Torvalds Apologizes For His Rude Behavior—Takes Time Off

18 Září, 2018 - 11:39
What just happened would definitely gonna surprise you. Linus Torvalds—father of the Linux open-source operating system—finally admitted his behavior towards other developers in the Linux community was hurting people and Linux. In a surprising move this weekend, Torvalds apologized for insulting and abusing other developers for almost three decades and took a break from the open-source
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Learn Ethical Hacking Online – A to Z Online Training Pack

17 Září, 2018 - 15:01
Good news for you is that this week's THN Deals brings Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle that let you get started regardless of your experience level. The Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle will walk you through the very basic skills you need to start your journey towards becoming a professional ethical hacker. The 45 hours of course that includes total 384 in-depth lectures, usually cost $1,273, but
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Ransomware Attack Takes Down Bristol Airport's Flight Display Screens

17 Září, 2018 - 15:01
Bristol Airport has blamed a ransomware attack for causing a blackout of flight information screens for two days over the weekend. The airport said that the attack started Friday morning, taking out several computers over the airport network, including its in-house display screens which provide details about the arrival and departure information of flights. <!-- adsense --> The attack forced
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Greece U-Turns — Now Approves Mr. Bitcoin's Extradition To Russia

17 Září, 2018 - 12:38
Greece just took another U-turn. Mr. Bitcoin a.k.a. Alexander Vinnik is not going to France nor to the United States; instead, he is now possibly going to his homeland Russia. The Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece on Friday has overruled previous decisions and approved to extradite the alleged owner of the now-defunct Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e Vinnik to Russia. Several
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Watch Out! This New Web Exploit Can Crash and Restart Your iPhone

17 Září, 2018 - 11:36
It's 2018, and just a few lines of code can crash and restart any iPhone or iPad and can cause a Mac computer to freeze. Sabri Haddouche, a security researcher at encrypted instant messaging app Wire, revealed a proof-of-concept (PoC) web page containing an exploit that uses only a few lines of specially crafted CSS & HTML code. Beyond just a simple crash, the web page, if visited, causes a
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Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Operating Kelihos Botnet

13 Září, 2018 - 15:47
The Russian man who was accused of operating the infamous Kelihos botnet has finally pleaded guilty in a U.S. federal court. Peter Yuryevich Levashov, 38, of St. Petersburg, Russia, pleaded guilty on Wednesday in U.S. federal court in Connecticut to computer crime, wire fraud, conspiracy and identity theft charges. Levashov, also known by many online aliases including Peter Severa, Petr
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How To Check If Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

13 Září, 2018 - 15:15
Did you ever wonder if your Twitter account has been hacked and who had managed to gain access and when it happened? Twitter now lets you know this. After Google and Facebook, Twitter now lets you see all the devices—laptop, phone, tablet, and otherwise—logged into your Twitter account. Twitter has recently rolled out a new security feature for its users, dubbed Apps and Sessions, allowing
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New Cold Boot Attack Unlocks Disk Encryption On Nearly All Modern PCs

13 Září, 2018 - 14:28
Security researchers have revealed a new attack to steal passwords, encryption keys and other sensitive information stored on most modern computers, even those with full disk encryption. The attack is a new variation of a traditional Cold Boot Attack, which is around since 2008 and lets attackers steal information that briefly remains in the memory (RAM) after the computer is shut down.
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Tesla Model S Hack Could Let Thieves Clone Key Fobs to Steal Cars

12 Září, 2018 - 15:48
Despite having proper security measures in place to protect the driving systems of its cars against cyber attacks, a team of security researchers discovered a way to remotely hack a Tesla Model S luxury sedans in less than two seconds. Yes, you heard that right. A team of researchers from the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) group of the Department of Electrical
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Beware! Unpatched Safari Browser Hack Lets Attackers Spoof URLs

12 Září, 2018 - 13:50
A security researcher has discovered a serious vulnerability that could allow attackers to spoof website addresses in the Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows and Apple Safari for iOS. While Microsoft fixed the address bar URL spoofing vulnerability last month as part of its monthly security updates, Safari is still unpatched, potentially leaving Apple users vulnerable to phishing attacks.
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Microsoft Issues Software Updates for 17 Critical Vulnerabilities

11 Září, 2018 - 20:36
Times to gear up your systems and software. Just a few minutes ago Microsoft released its latest monthly Patch Tuesday update for September 2018, patching a total of 61 security vulnerabilities, 17 of which are rated as critical, 43 are rated Important, and one Moderate in severity. This month's security updates patch vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Edge, Internet Explorer, MS Office,
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Adobe Issues ColdFusion Software Update for 6 Critical Vulnerabilities

11 Září, 2018 - 19:25
Adobe has released September 2018 security patch updates for a total of 10 vulnerabilities in Flash Player and ColdFusion, six of which are rated as critical that affected ColdFusion and could allow attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable server. What's the good news this month for Adobe users? This month Adobe Acrobat and Reader applications did not receive any patch
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Apple Removes Several Trend Micro Apps For Collecting MacOS Users' Data

11 Září, 2018 - 17:52
Apple has removed almost all popular security apps offered by well-known cyber-security vendor Trend Micro from its official Mac App Store after they were caught stealing users' sensitive data without their consent. The controversial apps in question include Dr Cleaner, Dr Cleaner Pro, Dr Antivirus, Dr Unarchiver, App Uninstall, Dr. Battery, and Duplicate Finder for Mac computers. The apps
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Tor Browser Zero-Day Exploit Revealed Online – Patch Now

10 Září, 2018 - 21:07
Zerodium, the infamous exploit vendor that earlier this year offered $1 million for submitting a zero-day exploit for Tor Browser, today publicly revealed a critical zero-day flaw in the anonymous browsing software that could reveal your identity to the sites you visit. In a Tweet, Zerodium shared a zero-day vulnerability that resides in the NoScript browser plugin comes pre-installed with
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No.1 Adware Removal Tool On Apple App Store Caught Spying On Mac Users

7 Září, 2018 - 21:04
A highly popular top-tier app in Apple's Mac App Store that's designed to protect its users from adware and malware threats has been, ironically, found surreptitiously stealing their browsing history without their consent, and sending it to a server in China. What's more concerning? Even after Apple was warned a month ago, the company did not take any action against the app. The app in
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U.S. Charges North Korean Spy Over WannaCry and Sony Pictures Hack

7 Září, 2018 - 09:44
The U.S. Department of Justice announces criminal charges against a North Korean government spy in connection with the 2017 global WannaCry ransomware attack and the 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. According to multiple government officials cited by the NY Times who are familiar with the indictment, the charges would be brought against Park Jin Hyok, who works for North Korean military
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British Airways Hacked – 380,000 Payment Cards Compromised

7 Září, 2018 - 09:23
British Airways, who describes itself as "The World's Favorite Airline," has confirmed a data breach that exposed personal details and credit-card numbers of up to 380,000 customers and lasted for more than two weeks. So who exactly are victims? In a statement released by British Airways on Thursday, customers booking flights on its website ( and British Airways mobile app between
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19-Year-Old Hacker Arrested Over Making Hoax School and Flight Bomb Threats

6 Září, 2018 - 15:12
British police have arrested a 19-year-old teen who is an alleged member of Apophis Squad cybercriminal group responsible for making hoax bomb threats to thousands of schools and airlines; and DDoSing ProtonMail and Tutanota secure email services. George Duke-Cohan was arrested in his bedroom at his family home in Watford by British National Crime Agency (NCA) on 31st August and pledged
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CISSP Certification Course — Become An IT Security Professional

6 Září, 2018 - 15:08
If you dream of making it big in the IT security community, the CISSP certification is a necessary milestone. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a globally recognised certification in the field of information security, which has become a gold standard of achievement that is acknowledged worldwide. CISSP certification deals with a range of information security
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