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UK: ztracené peníze z Vašeho bankovního účtu? No, je to vaše vina

Banky ve Velké Británii přišly loni kvůli finančním podvodům o 133,5 milionů liber a 261,5 milionů liber kvůli e-komerčním podvodům. Podle současných zákonů ve většině evropských zemí, banky pokrývaly tyto výdaje. Avšak všechno se nyní změní.

Japonsko utrpělo masivní výběr z bankomatu: odcizeno 1,4 miliard jenů

Japonská policie vyšetřuje činnost zločinecké skupiny proti bankomatům po celém Japonsku. Zločincům se podařilo inkasovat okolo 1,4 miliardy jenů (asi 12 milionů EUR) ze 1400 bankomatů po celé zemi.

Implementation of RADIUS group authentication on Check Point appliances

As usual manuals, knowledge bases and other sources aren't describing this topic very well, so each of us must debug how Check Point implement it in their own way.
I will show you where and how to setup RADIUS authentication on Check Point appliances as well as on RADIUS server itself (FreeRADIUS) step-by-step. This is also some kind of my own notes for further deployments :]

How to fix problems after upgrade to Check Point Multi-Domain management R75.30

In previous post we focus on installation of MDM/MDS R75.30. As usual upgrade is not straightforward so I will show you what should be checked and how can be fixed common problems.
Problems described here:

  • After upgrade to R75.30 secondary CMA/CLM still shows R75.20 in SmartDashboard
  • Problems with IP Pool NAT
  • CP_default_Office_Mode_addresses_pool
  • Problem with MDS permission profiles

How to upgrade Check Point Multi-Domain management from R71.20 to R75.30

The main reason for writing this post is due to the fact that there is absolutely no information regarding this topic. I had to reinstall whole LAB environment five times before I found a breakthrough. Check Point Multi-Domain management (Provider-1) is a centralized solution for firewall management used in big environments. You can assign global policies, IPS settings, separate countries/regions into CMAs and share objects between them. You also have the ability for primary-slave CMAs and CLMs (centralized logging server) so in case a datacenter goes down, you can manage firewalls via slave MDS. In R75.30 you can also export/import objects between CMAs but let’s talk about it later.

Check Point automatic MDS backup script with upload to SSH

# Check Point automatic MDS backup script with upload to SSH(SCP)/FTP server
# Author: Martin Cmelik (cm3l1k1) 11.1.2010
# Website: (use translator module if needed)
# License: GNU General Public License version 3

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