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Sandvine put on America's export no-fly list after Egypt used network tech for spying

27 Únor, 2024 - 21:22
Canadian network box maker floats in denial

The US Commerce Department has blacklisted Sandvine for selling its networking monitoring technology to Egypt, where the Feds say the gear was used to spy on political and human-rights activists.…

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NIST updates Cybersecurity Framework after a decade of lessons

27 Únor, 2024 - 19:45
The original was definitely getting a bit long in the tooth for modern challenges

After ten years operating under the original model, and two years working to revise it, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released version 2.0 of its Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).…

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Cybercrims: When we hit IT, they sometimes pay, but when we hit OT... jackpot

27 Únor, 2024 - 10:30
Or so says opsec firm, which confirms 70% of all industrial org ransomware in 2023 targeted manufacturers

Analysis  Cybercriminals follow the money, and increasingly last year that led them to ransomware attacks against the manufacturing industry.…

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Broadcom builds a SASE out of VMware VeloCloud and Symantec

27 Únor, 2024 - 08:28
First integration across properties, as end user compute division readies to leave home

Broadcom has delivered on its 2023 teaser of integration between VMware's SD-WAN and Symantec's Security Service Edge, by today debuting the "VMware VeloCloud SASE, Secured by Symantec" at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.…

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China warns of fake digital currency wallets fleecing netizens

27 Únor, 2024 - 05:02
Scammers' tactics are tiresomely familiar: get-rich-quick schemes and data harvesting

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has warned local netizens that fake wallet apps for the nation's central bank digital currency (CBDC) are already circulating and being abused by scammers.…

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Nevada sues to deny kids access to Meta's Messenger encryption

26 Únor, 2024 - 23:00
State government says it's thinking of the children

A law firm acting on behalf of the Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford has asked a state court to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) denying minors access to encrypted communication in Meta's Messenger application.…

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ALPHV/BlackCat responsible for Change Healthcare cyberattack

26 Únor, 2024 - 21:40
US government's bounty hasn't borne fruit as whack-a-mole game goes on

Updated  The ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware gang is reportedly responsible for the massive Change Healthcare cyberattack that has disrupted pharmacies across the US since last week.…

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Back from the dead: LockBit taunts cops, threatens to leak Trump docs

26 Únor, 2024 - 20:14
Officials have until March 2 to cough up or stolen data gets leaked

Updated  LockBit claims it's back in action just days after an international law enforcement effort seized the ransomware gang's servers and websites, and retrieved more than 1,000 decryption keys to assist victims.…

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Everything you need to know about NIS2

26 Únor, 2024 - 15:14
Get prepared for the EU’s upgraded cybersecurity directive

Webinar  The original European Union Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive certainly led to an improvement in member states' cybersecurity defences, but it struggled to do everything required as cyberattacks and threats scaled up with the growth in digitalization.…

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Data watchdog tells off outsourcing giant for scanning staff biometrics despite 'power imbalance'

26 Únor, 2024 - 13:41
2,000 employees at 38 facilities had data processed 'unlawfully', ICO says

A data protection watchdog in the UK has issued an enforcement notice to stop Serco from using facial recognition tech and fingerprint scanning to monitor staff at 38 leisure centers it runs.…

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Fox News 'hacker' turns out to be journalist whose lawyers say was doing his job

26 Únor, 2024 - 12:48
Also, another fake iOS app slips into the store, un-cybersafe EV chargers leave UK shelves, and critical vulns

Infosec in brief  A Florida journalist has been arrested and charged with breaking into protected computer systems in a case his lawyers say was less "hacking," more "good investigative journalism." …

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Security is hard because it has to be right all the time? Yeah, like everything else

25 Únor, 2024 - 17:09
It takes only one bottleneck or single point of failure to ruin your week

Systems Approach  One refrain you often hear is that security must be built in from the ground floor; that retrofitting security to an existing system is the source of design complications, or worse, outright flawed designs.…

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LockBit extorted billions of dollars from victims, fresh leaks suggest

23 Únor, 2024 - 23:30
Investigating LockBit’s finances has blown previous estimates of the operation’s wealth out of the water

Authorities digging into LockBit's finances believe the group may have generated more than $1 billion in ransom fees over its four-year lifespan.…

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U-Haul tells 67K customers that cyber-crooks drove away with their personal info

23 Únor, 2024 - 21:06
Thieves broke into IT system using stolen login

U-Haul is alerting tens of thousands of folks that miscreants used stolen credentials to break into one of its systems and access customer records that contained some personal data.…

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LockBit identity reveal a bigger letdown than Game of Thrones Season 8

23 Únor, 2024 - 17:25
NCA still left enough for onlookers to wonder if there's anything more to come

The grand finale of the week of LockBit leaks was slated to expose the real identity of LockBitSupp – the alias of the gang's public spokesperson – but the reveal has fallen short of expectations.…

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Tips on meeting complex cloud security challenges

23 Únor, 2024 - 14:43
Learn about the benefits of applying advanced automation to policy management practices

Webinar  Dealing with the double trouble of relentless cyber threats and regular technology refresh cycles can stretch already overworked security practitioners. And orchestrating the transition to cloud-native applications and multi-cloud architectures doesn't make things any easier.…

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X protests forced suspension of accounts on orders of India's government

23 Únor, 2024 - 06:32
Nonprofit SFLC links orders to farming protests

The global government affairs team at X (née Twitter) has suspended some accounts and posts in India after receiving executive orders to do so from the country's government, backed by threat of penalties including significant fines and imprisonment.…

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Avast shells out $17M to shoo away claims it peddled people's personal data

23 Únor, 2024 - 01:56
A name that's commonly shouted by pirates might be a clue, me hearties!

Avast has agreed to cough up $16.5 million after the FTC accused the antivirus vendor of selling customer information to third parties.…

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Cyberattack downs pharmacies across America

22 Únor, 2024 - 22:13
Prescription orders hit after IT supplier Change Healthcare pulls plug on systems

Updated  IT provider Change Healthcare has confirmed it shut down some of its systems following a cyberattack, disrupting prescription orders and other services at pharmacies across the US.…

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Authorities dismantled LockBit before it could unleash revamped variant

22 Únor, 2024 - 20:45
New features aimed to stamp out problems of the past

Law enforcement's disruption of the LockBit ransomware crew comes as the criminal group was working on bringing a brand-new variant to market, research reveals.…

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