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Aktualizace: 1 min 12 sek zpět wants mobile makers to declare death dates for their new devices from launch

21 Duben, 2021 - 17:05
IoT security plan suddenly thrusts into the mainstream

Phone, tablet, and IoT gadget makers will have to state when they'll stop providing security updates for new devices entering the market, the UK's Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) vowed this morning.…

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Half of Q1's malware traffic observed by Sophos was TLS encrypted, hiding inside legit requests to legit services

21 Duben, 2021 - 15:32
Brit infosec outfit points to nefarious deeds within Discord, Google systems

After years of warnings about security, surveillance, and unwanted state intrusion, one group of internet-connected folk has taken heed: malware operators.…

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REvil ransomware gang claims it stole top-secret tech designs – including Apple lappies – from Quanta Computer

21 Duben, 2021 - 09:57
Threatens to release designs and data if not paid. But dangles 2005-vintage ThinkPad as proof it's serious

An entity claiming to represent ransomware gang REvil says it has accessed "large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data" from Quanta Computer Incorporated, a Taiwanese manufacturer that builds laptops and other gadgets for the likes of Apple, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, and plenty of other top-tier tech companies.…

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Your cloud security is static – and you’re open to more risk than you realize

21 Duben, 2021 - 09:30
Make your move before the cyber-crims make theirs, says Sysdig

Promo  The cloud has transformed how you manage your infrastructure and software development, enabling continuous integration and deployment, while allowing you to keep your operations running, well, continuously.…

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Japan accuses Chinese military of cyber-attacks on its space agency

21 Duben, 2021 - 05:30
200 other companies also targeted, but no data lost

Japan has accused a member of the Chinese Communist Party of conducting cyber-attacks on its space agency and 200 other local entities.…

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China broke into govt, defense, finance networks via zero-day in Pulse Secure VPN gateways? No way

21 Duben, 2021 - 00:20
Crucial flaw won't be fixed until next month

Dozens of defense companies, government agencies, and financial organizations in America and abroad appear to have been compromised by China via vulnerabilities in their Pulse Connect Secure VPN appliances – including a zero-day flaw that won't be patched until next month.…

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Would be so cool if everyone normalized these pesky data leaks, says data-leaking Facebook in leaked memo

20 Duben, 2021 - 21:51
Blundering mouthpiece sent arrogant line to journalist by accident

Facebook wants you to believe that the scraping of 533 million people’s personal data from its platform, and the dumping of that data online by nefarious people, is something to be “normalised.”…

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Do you expect me to talk? Yes, Mr Bond, I expect you to reply: 10k Brits targeted on LinkedIn by Chinese, Russian spies

20 Duben, 2021 - 17:48
Campaign launched to alert public sector staff that not everyone on the internet is nice

Updated  Ten thousand Britons have been targeted on LinkedIn by recruiters for the Chinese and Russian intelligence services, according to an awareness campaign launched by domestic spy agency MI5 this morning.…

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We need to talk about criminal adversaries who want you to eat undercooked onion rings

20 Duben, 2021 - 13:37
Cisco Talos discovers flaws in air fryer, connected chip cooker firm fails to fix

Updated  Bad news for lockdown slimmers who've ignored advice about not needing to connect every friggin' appliance in their home to the internet: Talos researchers have sniffed out security flaws allowing attackers to hijack your air fryer.…

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Bank of England ponders minting 'Britcoin' to sit alongside the Pound

20 Duben, 2021 - 08:56
Taskforce and two forums to consider Central Bank Digital Currency

The Bank of England and HM Treasury have formed a Taskforce to "coordinate the exploration of a potential UK Central Bank Digital Currency" (CBDC).…

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Who knew Uncle Sam had strike teams for SolarWinds, Exchange flaws? Well, anyway, they are disbanded

20 Duben, 2021 - 00:28
Lessons learned and mission accomplished, apparently

The US government's response groups for dealing with recent SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities have reached the end of the road.…

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WordPress core contributor proposes treating Google FLoC as a security vulnerability

19 Duben, 2021 - 22:27
Let's opt every WordPress site out of FLoC. Nice idea, but security update? Really?

A proposal by a WordPress core contributor to treat Google's FLoC ad tech as a security vulnerability, and therefore backport an automatic opt-out to previous WordPress versions, shows the depth of community opposition to the technology.…

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Won't somebody please think of the children!!! UK to mount fresh assault on end-to-end encryption in Facebook

19 Duben, 2021 - 20:45
Change the record, nobody's fooled by this now

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel will badmouth Facebook's use of end-to-end encryption on Monday evening as she links the security technology with paedophilia, terrorism, organised crime, and so on.…

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Codecov dev tool warns of stolen credentials from compromised script, undiscovered for two months

19 Duben, 2021 - 18:03
Environment variables full of secrets uploaded to attacker server

Codecov, makers of a code coverage tool used by over 29,000 customers, has warned that a compromised script may have stolen credentials over a period of two months, before it was discovered a few weeks ago.…

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Sysadmin for FIN7 criminal cracking group gets 10 years in US prison for managing card slurping malware scam

19 Duben, 2021 - 16:15
Plus Pwn2Own faces fire and update Chrome immediately

In Brief  The former systems administrator for the FIN7 card-slurping gang has been sentenced to 10 years in a US prison.…

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Brit authorities could legally do an FBI and scrub malware from compromised boxen without your knowledge

19 Duben, 2021 - 11:39
Would move for The Greater Good™ actually be good, though?

Comment  UK authorities could lawfully copy the FBI and forcibly remove web shells from compromised Microsoft Exchange server deployments – but some members of the British infosec industry are remarkably quiet about whether this would be a good thing.…

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Pakistan cut off Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram – for just four hours

19 Duben, 2021 - 07:58
To stop protests by far-right party that wants France’s ambassador expelled

Pakistan shut down several social networks within its borders on Friday but lifted the ban after around four hours.…

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