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Cops turn LockBit ransomware gang's countdown timers against them

20 Únor, 2024 - 17:00
Authorities dismantle cybercrime royalty by making mockery of their leak site

In seizing and dismantling LockBit's infrastructure, Western cops are now making a mockery of the ransomware criminals by promising a long, drawn-out disclosure of the gang's secrets.…

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Wyze admits 13,000 users could have viewed strangers' camera feeds

20 Únor, 2024 - 16:15
Customers report feeling violated following the security snafu

Smart home security camera slinger Wyze is telling customers that a cybersecurity "incident" allowed thousands of users to see other people's camera feeds.…

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Insider steals 79,000 email addresses at work to promote own business

20 Únor, 2024 - 12:01
After saying they're very sorry, they escape with a slap on the wrist

A former council staff member in the district where William Shakespeare was born ransacked databases filled with residents' information to help drum up new business for their outside venture.…

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Two days into the Digital Services Act, EU wields it to deepen TikTok probe

20 Únor, 2024 - 09:26
Bloc isn't happy with made-in-China network's efforts to protect kids and data

Two days after its Digital Services Act (DSA) came into effect, the European Union used it to open an investigation into made-in-China social network TikTok.…

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Vietnam to collect biometrics - even DNA - for new ID cards

20 Únor, 2024 - 05:58
Iris scan, voice samples and blood type to be included in database

The Vietnamese government will begin collecting biometric information from its citizens for identification purposes beginning in July this year.…

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LockBit ransomware gang disrupted by global operation

20 Únor, 2024 - 02:17
Website has been seized and replaced with law enforcement logos from eleven nations

Updated  Notorious ransomware gang LockBit's website has been taken over by law enforcement authorities, who claim they have disrupted the group's operations and will soon reveal the extent of an operation against the group.…

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ALPHV gang claims it's the attacker that broke into Prudential Financial, LoanDepot

19 Únor, 2024 - 15:02
Ransomware group continues to exploit US regulatory requirements to its advantage

The ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group is claiming responsibility for attacks on both Prudential Financial and LoanDepot, making a series of follow-on allegations against them.…

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Safeguarding cyber-physical systems for a smart future

19 Únor, 2024 - 09:58
A useful buyers checklist can ascertain whether solutions can meet certain sets of key requirements

Sponsored Feature  Cyber-physical systems (CPS) have a vital role to play in our increasingly connected world.…

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Feds post $15 million bounty for info on ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware crew

19 Únor, 2024 - 02:29
ALSO: EncroChat crims still getting busted; ransomware takes down CO public defenders office; and crit vulns

infosec in brief  The US government is offering bounties up to $15 million as a reward for anyone willing to help it take out the APLHV/Blackcat ransomware gang.…

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Election security threats in 2024 range from AI to … anthrax?

18 Únor, 2024 - 17:27
Unsettling reading as Presidents' Day approaches

In time for the long Presidents' Day weekend in the US there have been multiple warnings about what will undoubtedly be a challenging and potentially dangerous year for voting processes and government workers.…

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How to weaponize LLMs to auto-hijack websites

17 Únor, 2024 - 12:39
We speak to professor who with colleagues tooled up OpenAI's GPT-4 and other neural nets

AI models, the subject of ongoing safety concerns about harmful and biased output, pose a risk beyond content emission. When wedded with tools that enable automated interaction with other systems, they can act on their own as malicious agents.…

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Google open sources file-identifying Magika AI for malware hunters and others

17 Únor, 2024 - 03:10
Cool, but it's 2024 – needs more hype, hand wringing, and flashy staged demos to be proper ML

Google has open sourced Magika, an in-house machine-learning-powered file identifier, as part of its AI Cyber Defense Initiative, which aims to give IT network defenders and others better automated tools.…

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Zeus, IcedID malware kingpin faces 40 years in slammer

16 Únor, 2024 - 17:39
Nearly a decade on the FBI’s Cyber Most Wanted List after getting banks to empty vics' accounts

A Ukrainian cybercrime kingpin who ran some of the most pervasive malware operations faces 40 years in prison after spending nearly a decade on the FBI's Cyber Most Wanted List.…

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Cutting kids off from the dark web – the solution can only ever be social

16 Únor, 2024 - 13:01
Expert weighs in after Brianna Ghey murder amid worrying rates of child cybercrime

The murder of 16-year-old schoolgirl Brianna Ghey has kickstarted a debate around limiting children's access to the dark web in the UK, with experts highlighting the difficulty in achieving this.…

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Quest Diagnostics pays $5M after mixing patient medical data with hazardous waste

16 Únor, 2024 - 02:20
Will cough up less than two days of annual profit in settlement – and California calls this a win

Quest Diagnostics has agreed to pay almost $5 million to settle allegations it illegally dumped protected health information – and hazardous waste – at its facilities across California.…

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Feds dismantle Russian GRU botnet built on 1,000-plus home, small biz routers

15 Únor, 2024 - 22:11
Beijing, now Moscow.… Who else is hiding in broadband gateways?

The US government today said it disrupted a botnet that Russia's GRU military intelligence unit used for phishing expeditions, spying, credential harvesting, and data theft against American and foreign governments and other strategic targets.…

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Pentagon launches nuke-spotting satellites amid Russian space bomb rumors

15 Únor, 2024 - 21:12
Dungeons and Dragons, high-waisted jeans, Cold War sabre rattling – the '80s are back, baby

Updated  Last night's launch of six Pentagon missile-detection satellites was well timed as fears mount that Russia is considering putting nuclear weapons into space.…

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Mitigating AI security risks

15 Únor, 2024 - 17:50
From APIs to Zero Trust

Webinar  It has become possible to swiftly and inexpensively train, validate and deploy AI models and applications, yet while we embrace innovation, are we aware of the security risks?…

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Zoom stomps critical privilege escalation bug plus 6 other flaws

15 Únor, 2024 - 16:30
All desktop and mobile apps vulnerable to at least one of the vulnerabilities

Video conferencing giant Zoom today opened up about a fresh batch of security vulnerabilities affecting its products, including a critical privilege escalation flaw.…

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Cybercriminals are stealing iOS users' face scans to break into mobile banking accounts

15 Únor, 2024 - 15:00
Deepfake-enabled attacks against Android and iPhone users are netting criminals serious cash

Cybercriminals are targeting iOS users with malware that steals face scans from the users of Apple devices to break into and pilfer money from bank accounts – thought to be a world first.…

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