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Old bugs, new bugs, red bugs … yes, it's Oracle mega-update day again

The Register - Anti-Virus - 18 Leden, 2019 - 03:56
Out of 284 flaws, 33 are rated critical. Big Red admins have big patches ahead

Oracle admins, here's your first critical patch advisory for 2019, and it's a doozy: a total of 284 vulnerabilities patched across Big Red's product range, and 33 of them are rated “critical”.…

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Got a Drupal-powered website? You may want to get patching now...

The Register - Anti-Virus - 18 Leden, 2019 - 02:45
Open-source CMS gets a pair of critical fixes

Drupal has issued a pair of updates to address two security vulnerabilities in its online publishing platform. The vulns are a little esoteric, and will not affect most sites, but it's good to patch just in case you later add functionality that can be exploited.…

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Twitter. Android. Private tweets. Pick two... Account bug unlocked padlocked accounts

The Register - Anti-Virus - 18 Leden, 2019 - 01:01
Cock-up went unnoticed for two Olympics, one World Cup, an EU referendum, and a US presidential election

Twitter has fessed up to a flaw in its Android app that, for more than four years, was making twits' private tweets public. The programming blunder has been fixed.…

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Microsoft Launches Azure DevOps Bug Bounty Program - 17 Leden, 2019 - 23:36
Microsoft is offering rewards of up to $20,000 for flaws in its Azure DevOps online services and the latest release of the Azure DevOps server.
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Apple CEO Demands Federal Data Privacy Legislation - 17 Leden, 2019 - 21:04
Apple CEO Tim Cook has called on the government to double down on data privacy regulation in 2019.
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Top GP: Medical app Your.MD's data security wasn't my remit

The Register - Anti-Virus - 17 Leden, 2019 - 18:15
Prof Maureen Baker told tribunal info security and clinical safety are two separate things

The founders of medical symptom-checker app Your.MD knew that a number of key medical information databases were "open to anyone who knows the URL", emails seen by a London tribunal have revealed.…

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Cyber-Jackpot: 773M Credentials Dumped on the Dark Web - 17 Leden, 2019 - 16:41
Thousands of individual breaches make up the database, one of the largest troves of stolen credentials ever seen.
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The spam that is hardest to block is often the most damaging

Virus Bulletin News - 17 Leden, 2019 - 15:53
We see a lot of spam in the VBSpam test lab, and we also see how well such emails are being blocked by email security products. Worryingly, it is often the emails with a malicious attachment or a phishing link that are most likely to be missed.

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Microsoft font gives away forgery in bankruptcy case

Sophos Naked Security - 17 Leden, 2019 - 15:34
In a case that could be straight out of a legal TV drama, a computing font has cost a couple two houses in a Canadian bankruptcy case.

Email crooks swindle woman out of $150K from home sale

Sophos Naked Security - 17 Leden, 2019 - 15:13
She sent her bank account details three times, she said. Unfortunately, they wound up in crooks' hands, and her money wound up in their pockets.

Cryptomining Malware Uninstalls Cloud Security Products - 17 Leden, 2019 - 15:03
New samples of cryptomining malware performs a never-before-seen function: uninstalling cloud security products.
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Change your password! VoIP provider leaves huge database exposed online

Sophos Naked Security - 17 Leden, 2019 - 14:28
A researcher has discovered an exposed database containing gigabytes of call logs, SMS data, and internal system credentials belonging to US Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider

Throwback Thursday: We're all doomed

Virus Bulletin News - 17 Leden, 2019 - 13:53
Mydoom turns 15 this month, and is still being seen in email attachments. This Throwback Thursday we look back to March 2004, when Gabor Szappanos tracked the rise of W32/Mydoom.

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Two charged with hacking company filings out of SEC’s EDGAR system

Sophos Naked Security - 17 Leden, 2019 - 12:51
They're charged with phishing and inflicting malware to get into the EDGAR filing system, stealing thousands of filings, and selling access.

Happy Thursday! 770 MEEELLLION email addresses and passwords found in yuge data breach

The Register - Anti-Virus - 17 Leden, 2019 - 12:50
Now is a good time to get a password manager app

Infosec researcher Troy Hunt has revealed that more than 700 million email addresses have been floating around “a popular hacker forum” - along with a very large number of plain text passwords.…

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South Korea reckons mystery hackers cracked open advanced weapons servers

The Register - Anti-Virus - 17 Leden, 2019 - 09:01
No idea who could have been behind this one...

The South Korea Ministry of National Defense says 10 of its internal PCs have been compromised by North Korea unknown hackers.…

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$24m in fun bux stolen from crypto-mogul. Now he fires off huge fraud charge. Like, RICO, say?

The Register - Anti-Virus - 17 Leden, 2019 - 01:29
Lawsuit claims coin thief was part of a gang targeting crypto whales

The victim of a $24m cryptocurrency heist is suing his assailants in what is believed to be the first ever RICO claim involving digital currency.…

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Threatpost Survey Says: 2FA is Just Fine, But Go Ahead and Kill SMS - 16 Leden, 2019 - 23:09
Our reader poll showed overwhelming support for 2FA even in the wake of a bypass tool being released -- although lingering concerns remain.
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Millions of Oklahoma Gov Files Exposed by Wide-Open Server - 16 Leden, 2019 - 21:25
The storage server was left open for about a week and exposed everything from sensitive FBI investigations to data related to patients with AIDS.
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Lowjax city: Researchers crack open notorious Fancy Bear rootkit

The Register - Anti-Virus - 16 Leden, 2019 - 19:04
UEFI malware has been in the wild for more than two years

The Fancy Bear hacking group's Lojax rootkit is far from a one-off tool, and may have been active in the wild for years before it was first reported.…

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