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Review that! Fake TripAdvisor review peddler sent to jail

Sophos Naked Security - 14 Září, 2018 - 12:35
Jail time for fake reviews is “a landmark ruling for the Internet,” TripAdvisor said.

You didn’t buy ‘your’ iTunes movies; Apple can delete them anytime

Sophos Naked Security - 14 Září, 2018 - 12:09
It's in the terms of service, as one man found out after Apple removed three movies from his iTunes library.

You'll never guess what you can do once you steal a laptop, reflash the BIOS, and reboot it

The Register - Anti-Virus - 14 Září, 2018 - 07:58
Hardware hackers bring cold boot attacks out of the deep freeze

Video  If you can steal someone's laptop, leave it switched on in sleep mode, crack it open, hook up some electronics to alter settings in the BIOS firmware, restart it, and boot into a custom program... you can swipe crypto keys and other secrets from the system.…

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Browser security hole on Macs and iPhones – just how bad is it?

Sophos Naked Security - 14 Září, 2018 - 01:44
A URL spoofing bug in Safari is being reported with the word BEWARE! - we explain how bad it really is, and what to do about it.

OilRig APT Continues Its Ongoing Malware Evolution - 13 Září, 2018 - 23:19
The Iran-linked APT appears to be in a state of continuous tool development, analogous to the DevOps efforts seen in the legitimate software world.
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Princely five years in US big house for Nigerian biz email scammer

The Register - Anti-Virus - 13 Září, 2018 - 23:12
Bloke copped to $25m spear-phishing shenanigans

A Nigerian scumbag will be spending the next five years in an American clink after pleading guilty to operating an email phishing scam targeting businesses around the world.…

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Former Detroit IT boss sent down 20 months for bathroom bung bonanza

The Register - Anti-Virus - 13 Září, 2018 - 21:36
Potty pay-offs earn Dodd a year and eight months in slammer

The former head of IT for the US city of Detroit will spend the next 20 months behind bars for taking bribes while he was in office.…

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ThreatList: Microsoft Macros Remain Top Vector for Malware Delivery - 13 Září, 2018 - 21:26
The second-most popular delivery method is CVE-2017-11882, a patched Microsoft vulnerability that allows the attacker to perform arbitrary code-execution.
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Veeam leaves MongoDB database wide open, exposes 445m records

Sophos Naked Security - 13 Září, 2018 - 15:55
The data-management firm's customer database held names, email addresses, some IP addresses and more: a wealth of ammo for phishers.

Street gang members indicted for stealing POS terminals

Sophos Naked Security - 13 Září, 2018 - 15:41
...and using the credit card terminals to allegedly issue themselves fraudulent returns and to steal taxpayer IDs and bank info.

Experts Bemoan Shortcomings with IoT Security Bill - 13 Září, 2018 - 15:14
The infosec community say California's IoT security bill is "nice," but doesn't hit on the important issues.
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The Reg takes the US government's insider threat training course

The Register - Anti-Virus - 13 Září, 2018 - 15:05
No, sir, we didn't spill beer on the laptop, sir!

The US government has provided an online training course on insider threats.…

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California bill regulates IoT for first time in US

Sophos Naked Security - 13 Září, 2018 - 11:53
California looks set to regulate IoT devices, becoming the first US state to do so and beating the Federal Government to the post.

Update now! Microsoft’s September 2018 Patch Tuesday is here

Sophos Naked Security - 13 Září, 2018 - 11:47
September’s Patch Tuesday is upon Windows users - 61 CVEs, 17 flaws rated as critical, a zero-day and a flaw affecting Adobe Flash Player.

Solid password practice on Capital One's site? Don't bank on it

The Register - Anti-Virus - 13 Září, 2018 - 09:04
What's in your wallet? Definitely not a password manager

Capital One is facing criticism for using policies on its banking website that prevent the use of password managers.…

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Card-stealing code that pwned British Airways, Ticketmaster pops up on more sites via hacked JS

The Register - Anti-Virus - 12 Září, 2018 - 22:34
Feedify's whack-a-mole with MageCart malware miscreants

A Javascript library hosted by Feedify and used by e-commerce websites globally has been repeatedly infected this week to potentially siphon off countless victims' bank card details to crooks.…

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PowerShell Obfuscation Ups the Ante on Antivirus - 12 Září, 2018 - 22:07
The development fits a trend that sees threat actors turning to well-known, commodity malware, overcoming its easy detection with ever-better obfuscation methods.
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Whisky business: Uni of Edinburgh servers Irn-Scru'd by cyber-attack

The Register - Anti-Virus - 12 Září, 2018 - 21:26
Computers nerfed with naff packets during Scottish college's Freshers week

Updated  The University of Edinburgh has gone offline from what appears to be a massive distributed denial-of-service attack on the campus network.…

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Whiskey business - DDoS attack leaves University of Edinburgh server Irn-Scru'd

The Register - Anti-Virus - 12 Září, 2018 - 21:26
Hacker attack on Freshers week is a real Scotch dreg

The University of Edinburgh has gone offline from what appears to be a massive DDoS attack on the school's network.…

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Apple Yet to Patch Safari Browser Address Bar Spoofing Flaw - 12 Září, 2018 - 18:17
A flaw in Safari - that allows an attacker to spoof websites and trick victims into handing over their credentials - has yet to be patched.
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