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Email Voted a Weak Link for Election Security, with DMARC Lagging

6 Prosinec, 2019 - 22:35
Most counties are not protected from impersonation-based spearphishing attacks.
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Feds Crack Down on Money Mules, Warn of BEC Scams

6 Prosinec, 2019 - 20:34
Authorities say they have halted over 600 domestic money mules – exceeding the 400 money mules stopped last year.
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News Wrap: Authorities Target Evil Corp., Imminent Monitor, Money Mules

6 Prosinec, 2019 - 20:24
In this past week, the authorities have cracked down on various BEC scams and cybercrime gangs.
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Linux Bug Opens Most VPNs to Hijacking

6 Prosinec, 2019 - 17:54
In a coffee-shop scenario, attackers can hijack "secure" VPN sessions of those working remotely, injecting data into their TCP streams.
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Facebook Alleges Company Infiltrated Thousands for Ad Fraud

6 Prosinec, 2019 - 16:01
Facebook has paid over $4 million to victims to reimburse them for the unauthorized ads purchased using their ad accounts.
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Stealthy MacOS Malware Tied to Lazarus APT

6 Prosinec, 2019 - 15:00
Researcher discovered a MacOS trojan hiding behind a fake crypto trading platform believed to be the work of the state-sponsored North Korean hackers behind WannaCry.
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Ransomware Attack Hits Data Center Provider CyrusOne: Report

5 Prosinec, 2019 - 22:08
Security experts say the incident shows that cybercriminals are using ransomware to hit companies where it hurts.
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AT&T, Verizon Subscribers Exposed as Mobile Bills Turn Up on the Open Web

5 Prosinec, 2019 - 19:34
Names, addresses, phone numbers, call and text message records and account PINs were all caught up in a cloud misconfiguration.
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Feds Offer $5M Reward to Nab ‘Evil Corp’ Dridex Hacker

5 Prosinec, 2019 - 18:55
Authorities cracked down on cybercrime group Evil Corp. with sanctions and charges against its leader, known for his lavish lifestyle.
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HackerOne Breach Leads to $20,000 Bounty Reward

5 Prosinec, 2019 - 17:31
HackerOne has paid out $20,000 to a bounty hunter who discovered a session cookie issue, due to "human error," on the bug bounty platform.
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OpenBSD Hit with Authentication, LPE Bugs

5 Prosinec, 2019 - 17:06
The authentication bypass (CVE-2019-19521) is remotely exploitable.
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‘Ultimate’ MiTM Attack Steals $1M from Israeli Startup

5 Prosinec, 2019 - 12:44
Researchers uncovers “ultimate man-in-the-middle attack” that used an elaborate spoofing campaign to fool a Chinese VC firm and rip off an emerging business.
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ThreatList: 90% of SMBs Believe Nation-State Actors Are Targeting Them

4 Prosinec, 2019 - 23:11
Larger SMBs are more likely to feel targeted by APTs.
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Nebraska Medicine Breached By Rogue Employee

4 Prosinec, 2019 - 22:11
Nebraska Medicine is warning that a rogue, former employee accessed patients' medical records, Social Security numbers and more.
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‘Highly Competitive’ Buer Loader Emerges in Underground Markets

4 Prosinec, 2019 - 19:32
A previously undocumented loader has been discovered in several recent malware campaigns and being sold on underground markets.
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Iran Targets Mideast Oil with ZeroCleare Wiper Malware

4 Prosinec, 2019 - 19:10
Likely the work of APT34, ZeroCleare is bent on destruction and disruption, rather than information-stealing.
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EFF Talks the Corporate Surveillance of Consumers

4 Prosinec, 2019 - 15:00
The EFF explains how data is being tracked and used on the web and mobile devices, how consumers can protect themselves - and why it's not all bad news.
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Dutch Politician Could Get Three Years in Prison for Hacking iCloud Accounts

4 Prosinec, 2019 - 14:52
Prosecution asks for imprisonment of the hacker who stole nude photos and other personal data from women’s iCloud accounts and then distributed some of the material online.
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DHS Plans to Expand Facial Recognition Border Checks

3 Prosinec, 2019 - 23:48
Now all travelers to and from the U.S. - even if they are U.S. citizens - will be subject to facial recognition-based checks, a new filing revealed.
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ThreatList: A Third of Biometric Systems Targeted by Malware in Q3

3 Prosinec, 2019 - 22:08
A successful attack could wreak havoc, given the potential for biometric forgery, and a lack of options in the event one’s biometric profile is stolen.
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