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Q. Who's triumphantly slamming barn door shut after horse bolted at warp 9? A. NordVPN

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 22:14
Pentests, audits, and RAM-only servers part of lockdown plan

2019 has been a bad year for NordVPN on the security front.…

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Australia Proposes Facial Recognition for Adult Sites - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 21:33
The proposal would require biometrics systems to verify age before allowing visits to adult sites.
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Facebook Sues NSO Group Over Alleged WhatsApp Hack - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 21:04
In a new lawsuit, WhatsApp owner Facebook says that NSO Group was behind the WhatsApp zero-day exploits earlier in 2019.
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Chrome devs tell world that DNS over HTTPS won't open the floodgates of hell

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 19:02
Well, their version of it won't, they claim

Chrome devs have had a little rant about "misinformation", repeating that DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) will be supported but won't necessarily be automatically used in upcoming builds of the browser.…

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Joker’s Stash Drops Largest-Ever Credit Card Cache on Dark Web - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 17:57
1.3 million stolen cards, mostly from India, could fetch $130 million for the cybercrooks.
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New Adwind Variant Targets Windows, Chromium Credentials - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 17:17
A new version of the typically platform-agnostic Adwind trojan has been spotted targeting Windows applications and systems and Chromium-based browsers.
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Running on Intel? If you want security, disable hyper-threading, says Linux kernel maintainer

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 16:17
Speculative execution bugs will be with us for a very long time

Linux kernel dev Greg Kroah-Hartman reckons Intel Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) - also known as hyper-threading - should be disabled for security due to MDS (Microarchitectural Data Sampling) bugs.…

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Fancy Bear Targets Sporting, Anti-Doping Orgs As 2020 Olympics Loom - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 15:57
The APT is once again targeting the sports world, Microsoft warns.
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Huawei with you! FCC's American Pai proposes rip-and-replace of scary Chinese comms kit

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 14:37
ZTE also on hit list

Ajit Pai, chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has devised a two-part scheme to erase Chinese hardware from American telecoms networks.…

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Country of Georgia Suffers Widespread Cyberattack - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 14:13
The attack on local web-hosting provider Pro-Service - likely politically motivated - took out 2,000 websites and the national television station.
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ThreatList: Most Retail Hardware Bug Bounty Flaws Are Critical - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 14:00
Overall, across all retail programs, more than 18 percent of all bug bounty submissions are critical in severity, a new Bugcrowd report found.
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Gradient “celebrity matching” photo app sparks privacy fears

Sophos Naked Security - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 12:53
The Kardashians love the Gradient app - but they're being paid to use it, whereas for you it's the other way round. Is it safe?

PHP team fixes nasty site-owning remote execution bug

Sophos Naked Security - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 12:48
The PHP development team has fixed a bug that could allow remote code execution in some setups of the programming language.

UK Ministry of Justice brags about new digital forensics unit to thwart tech-savvy jailbirds

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 12:42
Probing contraband mobes to reduce prison crimes

The UK Ministry of Justice is setting up a digital forensics lab to probe mobile phones seized from prisoners.…

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New Facebook AI fools facial recognition

Sophos Naked Security - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 12:37
The technology - which Facebook won't use in its own apps - subtly distorts face images so they're still recognizable, but not to machines.

What a bunch of dopes! Fancy Bear hackers take aim at drug-testing orgs

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Říjen, 2019 - 07:01
Now why would Russian hackers want to compromise anti-doping agencies?

The Russian hacking crew known as Fancy Bear is thought to be actively targeting anti-doping sports agencies.…

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UniCredit Suffers Third Breach Despite Investing Billions in Cybersecurity - 28 Říjen, 2019 - 20:37
UniCredit was also hit with hacking incidents in September-October 2016 and June-July 2017.
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Pwn2Own Expands Into Industrial Control Systems Hacking - 28 Říjen, 2019 - 19:12
White-hat hackers will now have the chance to win $20,000 for sniffing out remote code-execution flaws in industrial control systems.
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City of Joburg says it knows who ransom hack attacker is, refuses to pay off criminals

The Register - Anti-Virus - 28 Říjen, 2019 - 18:56
Hayi wena! Jozi officials claim they'll have 80% of systems back online as deadline expires

Several hours past the payment deadline, Johannesburg has vowed not to give in to criminal hackers who demanded £29,000 (4 bitcoins) not to publish its data, four days after the South African city shut down its public sector networks in response to the breach.…

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Adobe database exposes 7.5 million Creative Cloud users

Sophos Naked Security - 28 Říjen, 2019 - 18:20
Adobe has become the latest company to be caught leaving an Elasticsearch database full of customer data exposed on the internet.
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